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yt comment finder

How to Search YouTube Comments?

yt comment finder

YouTube is the second most popular platform after Google and for a YouTube influencer comments on YouTube play a very important role along with comment mortification. 

For comment modification and to find comments a comment youtube finder is very important and if you are not able to decide which one you should use then this blog might be helpful for you. 

Here is a guide using which you can select the best youtube comment finder which you can use to control comments. 

Use YT comment finder 

YT finder is a user friendly as well as a straightforward tool which you can use to find comments on youtube. It is also free to use and it provides incredible results to its users.

You have to visit website where you have to input the title of the video or the URL of the video. 

You can now select your video from the list of videos and a new search will be offered to you so that using this comment finder tool you can look for any comments you want. 

Using Youtube first comment finder 

This is another tool which you can use and for this also you have to visit website and then follow up the instructions offered on the screen. 

The site will provide you with a tutorial. By watching it you can know and understand how you are supposed to use this tool and what limitations it has. 

Ensure to visit Ityug247 to know more such tools using which you can find the comments on youtube. 

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