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Oktoberfest has always been a fun ride, and when you dress in Oktoberfest costumes, you get to encounter the genuine soul of the festival. The greatest aspect, however, Oktoberfest is about food, beer, and the Dirndl. 

What’s dreadful is that food stain on your white lace blouse, that brew spill on your apron, or that old smell your Dirndl dress has gotten at Oktoberfest. Dirndl Online Shop has a method for tackling this issue.

What Is A Dirndl?

As a matter of first importance, you should know your Dirndl – their types, materials and different subtleties you must know to take care of the garments. You either have a plus size Dirndl, a maternity Dirndl, a rare Dirndl, or an ultra-modern Dirndl – this is significant as the intriguing Dirndl, and present-day Dirndls are not made with ordinary materials like cotton or linen – so remember this as it is important, we will explain how later in the article.

Caring for a Dirndl dress is really easy; if it’s not too much trouble, focus on the care labels and the kind of material used for the garments – below are a few simple guidelines for you to clean your Dirndl outfit.

Note: Different pieces of a Dirndl could need an alternative washing method, and care directions too might vary. Dirndl materials also vary from piece to piece.

Parts of A Dirndl

Taking care of a Dirndl is a fairly easy job however different parts of the outfit might need different care and washing methods – we will go through these one by one; 

Dirndl Blouse

Most Dirndl blouses are a cotton and polyester mix, and that turns out for us like nothing else as you can undoubtedly machine wash them and put them in the dryer with practically no mishaps. We suggest washing Dirndl blouses on a delicate cycle – and independently washing separate from colored fabrics in the event that the blouse is white – then they go into the dryer. You can likewise air dry them in a machine or on a clothing line, assuming that the blouse is lace and sensitive.

At the point when now is the right time to iron a Dirndl or Dirndl blouse, the best practice is to turn them inside out, mostly in the event that the material is linen. At the point when not being used, drape them on a hanger to stop the wrinkling.

Tips on How to Care for a Dirndl: Linen and cotton articles of clothing are generally simpler to press, assuming that they are fairly damp.

Dirndl Dress

With regards to a Dirndl dress or Dirndl Skirt, it is ideal in the event that you send them out for cleaning or you can spot clean them at home utilizing a wet cloth with some cleanser. Regularly Dirndl fabric is machine washable, however the delicate workmanship gets out on a risk if you choose to machine wash a Dirndl. The trim of the Dirndl might begin to unwind, embroidery and front hooks and other hardware might come free in a washer/dryer.


It relies upon your use, however ordinarily, Dirndl aprons are the quickest to get messy. Check your Dirndl apron tag; assuming that the label advises you to get it laundered, kindly adhere to the directions to stay away from any harms. Generally aprons are produced using fabrics that can be machine washed.

However, in premium dirndl outfits, the aprons might come in delicate silk or velvet fabrics – you have to be very careful while washing those. 

How to Spot Clean a Dirndl?

Spot cleaning is unequivocally what the name suggests – you clean the specific spot on the Dirndl where the stain is. For the most part, Dirndl outfit that requires spot cleaning is even more a tasteful design and are made with fabrics that are at risk for being harmed by machine washing or even dry cleaning. In any case, how to get it done?

How to Spot Clean A Dirndl?

Take a somewhat wet cloth rag and rub it on the Dirndl in round movements on the region where the stain exists. On the off chance that you are managing a light lager, ketchup or mustard stain, or some other food related stain, then, at that point, they can be cleaned by spotting a gentle detergent or fabric stain remover.

There are a few stains that are challenging to clean as they embed into the fabric and are difficult to take out without harming the Dirndl fabric material – for such events, we suggest hearing an expert point of view or taking their help.

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