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Your Complete Guide to Buying Seat Covers for Your SUV

SUVs are in the rage nowadays. Almost everyone wants an SUV. These cars are in such high demand because they provide comfort, elegance, and fit for nearly any terrain. Most people also want to personalize the interior of their cars to showcase their personalities. A primary part of the car’s interior is the vehicle’s seat. The seat of the vehicle requires seat cover installation. Seat covers are not only responsible for upping the style quotient of the car, but they are also responsible for protecting the car seats and maintaining the car’s resale value for the future. Therefore, you do not only want to personalize the look of the car seat, but you also want to protect them from any wear, tear, or damage.

Currently, the market has a variety of car seat covers for SUVs. Each seat cover has different features and is made of various materials. When selecting seat covers, you should keep in mind certain things so that your seat cover selection can be hassle-free.


With the constantly evolving car market, there are a variety of materials available for car seat covers.

  • Velvet seat covers are high-end products that are very comfortable and very luxurious. They make the interior of the car look fantastic. They are made of ultra-soft velvet fabric and have high-density foam padding. The high-density foam provides extra comfort to the passengers of the vehicle. It also protects them against minor bumps on the road. The best part about velvet is that it is spill and stain-resistant, keeping you tension-free.
  • If you want a dynamic and bold look for your car, you should wear denim seat covers. Denim has a variety of designs for you to choose from. You can also strap in an accessory pouch to give it a quirkier look.
  • If you have an athletic spirit or love the outdoors, you can go for the camouflage seat covers. Camouflage seat covers in fabric material are very breathable, look sporty and enhance the interior aesthetics of your car.
  • Finally, if you want a premium look, you should go for leather seat covers. Featuring those exclusive stitch lines, nothing beats leather when it comes to a premium look.


Make sure that you get a car seat that will fit your car snugly. There are many different types of fittings available for car seats:

  • Bucket fit: design as per the contours of the original seat.
  • Neo fit option: more dynamic and robust. A good choice for people who have a very active lifestyle.
  • Regular fit: these covers can be easily removed, washed, and put back on. Suitable for DIY fitting.

Whether you purchase your car seat covers online or from the shop, you must not buy them from the first shop that you visit. Always make sure to go through at least four to five shops before you purchase.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal