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X Reasons Why You Need to Use Video Content Marketing

In the current times, the internet has seen an exponential rise in the popularity of video sharing platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others. The introduction of the short video feature on Facebook and Instagram has also been well-received by the users. This is because most people like watching videos when they have the time. Short and well-made videos are growing in demand and are soon going to reach a record high in terms of engagement and driving conversions. This is why marketers and businesses are trying to take advantage of the ongoing video content marketing trend, to establish their brand in the online space.

Videos provide online marketers with innovative, attractive and shareable means of reaching out to a wider audience base. In fact, videos have a much greater impact on the viewers than print media or direct mail. Research by Wyzowl has shown that already 63% of businesses are effectively using video marketing strategies.

Reasons Why You Need to Use Video Content Marketing

Videos have always been one of the most effective mediums of marketing. Even in the past, when the internet had not yet become so far-reaching, video commercials on television were still very popular. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why video marketing is needed to build a robust marketing strategy.

  1. Videos promote conversions and sales

It is not possible to imagine the impact a carefully made video can have on the people, until you see it for yourself. Videos have the immense capacity to boost the rate of conversions and subsequent sales. It has been found in research that 74% of consumers have made a purchase decision based on a video tutorial about a product or service.

  1. It has shown a substantial ROI

A video that meets a purpose or solves a query has a greater return of investment. Video production doesn’t require feature loaded apps anymore. Invideo is a free online video maker that enables users to create professional-looking videos in a very short time. There is no need to download, and you can start editing your videos by simply creating a free account on the website. You will find over 5000 templates, plenty of filters, iStock media, a well curated music library and a lot more to substantiate your videos with. Editing is an important step of video making, and if done well, it can drive amazing results.

  1. Video marketing is used in several methods

You can use video marketing in several ways. It can be incorporated in different online marketing strategies to familiarise consumers with your brand. So, you can make constructive videos and use them across many platforms, such as,

  • Landing Page Videos: A landing page is the point of entry to a website, the one where people ‘land’ after clicking through a link shared in an ad, email, social media, or any other form of digital location. Videos posted on a landing page aim at providing the potential customers with insights about the products or services concerned and convert the traffic.
  • Homepage Hero Videos: Hero videos are the first thing that people see when they arrive at a website. Hence, it should be the most attractive content on the website and be able to highlight the most important points in a manner that is visually striking. A good quality video maker should be able to do the job.
  • Product Explainer Video: These are usually short videos that explain the functions or uses of a product or how to operate it. In case of services too, such videos are used to explain how the services can benefit the viewers. It has been seen that product explainer videos lead to successful purchases.
  • Blog Articles: Videos can also be used in blog articles to increase engagement and explain a product in much better terms and more vividly. Like images, a blog post can also include videos.
  • Webinar: Webinars can help generate plenty of leads. It is a seminar conducted online to promote products or services. A webinar, by means of offering free advice or tools, tries to convince their target audience of the need to upgrade to or purchase something.
  • Social Media Videos: It is the most effective medium, when it comes to video content marketing. People are more likely to watch a video on different social media platforms than anywhere else. Research has found that 82% of internet users like to watch videos on Twitter, and YouTube has over a billion users.
  1. Videos help build trust

The whole idea of effective marketing is building trust and long-term relationships. The foundation of any kind of relationship is trust, and it is also true in consumer-business relationships. Videos let your consumers come to you after learning some useful information about your brand or product. It is through videos you can show them how they can take advantage of the products or services provided by your business. This is why influencer videos tend to have such profound effects on the consumers. Videos can effectively influence people emotionally, and also make an appeal to their logical faculties to take a step towards purchasing something.

  1. Videos are appealing to mobile phone users

As many as 90% of buyers prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones. The simple reason being, the easy accessibility. You can watch videos on your mobile on the go, whether you are travelling to a place, sitting in your workplace, or trying to kill some time at home. With the introduction of smartphones, the curve indicating views on videos has taken a steep upward turn. According to a report by YouTube, consumption of videos rises by 100% every year. Interestingly, viewers can retain 95% of what they learn from watching a video. They are only able to retain 10% of the information when read in a text format. Hence, video marketing is the new super trend on the online platform, and it is only just the beginning. Businesses can turn the wheels of their fortune, by creating exciting and useful videos with the help of a decent video maker.

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