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Windows VPS Hosting India

With Windows VPS Hosting in India load your website in seconds 

The Windows VPS hosting in India is based on virtualization technology, which has Windows operating system running on the hosting server’s base. The virtualization technology is employed to split the main physical server into various virtual compartments. These compartments are called virtual private servers that are allocated to separate users. 

The virtual private server enables you to access the distinct and separate processor, data storage, RAM, and other resources. It does not make you share the assigned space and web resources of the hosting server with other residing users. This also helps a website owner to meet the demand of a high web page loading speed along with the optimal performance of the website. The VPS Hosting India is known for intensifying the loading speed of your website. Before we highlight how it is so, let us first discuss why loading speed is crucial for every website.

Why Loading Speed is important?

Considering the fact that the audience today can not have much patience due to the advancing technologies, your website needs to have a faster loading speed. Apart from this point, here are some significant reasons why the website’s loading speed matters – 

  • You must have heard the traditional saying – first impression is the last impression. This concept goes with the websites too. When you have a new website visitor, you must understand that the user is going to judge your company or brand with the website’s quality first and then the actual services or product you offer. So, to make your website visitor your customer, you need to make sure that your website is not slow to navigate. Otherwise, it is highly possible that your website will not be able to bring back the disappointed visitor. Thus, a strong first impression is made only with the website loading fast.
  • In today’s times, almost everyone is hustling from one thing to another or is busy with multiple tasks. So, when it comes to online platforms, they have an expectation of faster speed. As per the statistics report, Internet users do not wait for more than two to three seconds for loading any website. If your website is not able to load within 2-3 seconds, they probably switch to your competitors in the web market. Further, this becomes completely true if your website has not gained enough popularity and success. 
  • By now, you can understand, if your website does not offer a high web page loading speed, your website’s conversion rates can fall. In general, if your website consumes more than three seconds for loading, around 40% of your website’s visitors abandon your website. And by the time, you lose your existing customers as well with the rise in your competitors on the Internet. 
  • The purpose of digital marketing including SEO is to bring more and more people to your website and buy your products or services. Your SEO team focuses on making your website acquire the best possible ranking on the search engines by implementing various strategies. One of the essential aspects that popular search engines like Google consider while ranking your website is the loading speed. Such search engines intend to give the best results to the keywords entered by their users. So, you can only expect your website to rank higher if it has a high loading speed providing it fulfills other SEO aspects.

How Windows VPS Hosting in India improves the Loading Time?

Now you know how important is the loading speed of your website. The loading speed is highly determined by the server on which you host your website. With the Windows VPS hosting in India, you can considerably enhance your website’s speed. This is because of the following benefits and privileges that come with the best Windows VPS hosting India –

IT support

Windows OS is a product of Microsoft Corporation. And, hence, you get 24/7 IT support from the Microsoft expert team. You can always reach out for technical assistance if your website’s speed is compromised in any way.

High Security

Windows VPS hosting comes with high data security. Along with the Windows in-built security system, your website acquires a secure hosting platform. No unauthorized user can access or disturb the functioning of your virtual private server. 

Dedicated and Independent Hosting Environment

With the Windows VPS hosting in India, your website gets the support of independent server space and dedicated resources. Your website does not have to share the web resources or space with any user. As a result,  your website acquires greater speed and high uptime with the high availability of resources. 

Unique IP Address

Your website obtains the unique or dedicated IP address under the Windows VPS hosting in India. This helps your website not let its speed be affected by any other website’s functioning. Also, your website becomes capable of achieving a higher SEO ranking on the search engines.

Flexible Web Hosting

The Windows virtual private server enables you to scale as well as customize your web resources as per your necessities. With the advancement and growth of your website, you can always upgrade your hosting service. This flexible web hosting allows your website’s loading speed to remain high and consistent. 

To ensure access to all these benefits and privileges of the Windows VPS hosting in India, you must find the reliable and best VPS server provider in India. Let us introduce you to one such Windows VPS hosting provider – Serverwala web hosting company. Dive into the subsequent section to get further insights about the company. 

Get superfast and affordable Windows VPS India from Serverwala

Serverwala is among the best web hosting company worldwide. It is well recognized for rendering the best and cheapest Windows VPS hosting in India. The company ensures the support of high-grade and advanced infrastructure. It also guarantees round-the-clock technical assistance with all the Windows VPS hosting plans India via experts. Moreover, the following mentioned are excellent features that the Serverwala cheap Windows VPS hosting India offers – 

  • 99.99% Uptime network
  • Constant secure channels
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • DDoS protection
  • Full root access to the virtual private server
  • Fastest connectivity with redundant power

Summing Up

You can enable your website’s seamless performance with the highest loading speed under Serverwala Windows VPS hosting in India. The company offers the cheapest range of hosting plans and packages with hyper-scale and intense facilities. Further, you also get the security-as-a-service for your website along with many other benefits such as simple licensing, a self-service portal, etc. Communicate now with the Serverwala professionals to grab more information on the best Windows VPS hosting services or browse the company’s official website for the same –


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