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Why it’s worth getting a roof cleaning

One of homeowners’ most frequently asked questions to our roof cleaning company is “why I should clean the roof of my homes.” At CNY Roof Cleaning, we are happy to enlighten our valued customers on this issue. In this way, we are sure that you will be more sensitive about routine roof cleaning after better understanding the issue’s seriousness.

Several people do not understand why systematic roof cleaning is necessary. Is it enough to send a couple of workers there after a snowfall or storm? Everything is not so simple!

The roof requires constant attention year-round like all other house parts needing maintenance or renovation. During the warm period, the need for cleaning is reduced; it is frequently necessary after a storm, snowmelt when the drain is clogged, and before cold weather.

And in winter, it becomes a real problem: snow is a constant source of moisture, a danger to residents and visitors, and sometimes may attract fines from regulatory bodies. And in principle: a house littered with snow is ugly.

Where is roof cleaning done?

You can find the answer to the question of our company in the roof cleaning service that you will receive in the best way. However, as it is preliminary information, it would be correct to enlighten you with short information about this subject. Our company is in roof gutter cleaning and uses chemical cleaners that do not harm human health.

Roofs that are not cleaned become invisible due to dust and dirt over time, and it is possible to see many materials on them, especially with the help of the winds and stuck on the roofs. In addition, gutters and hidden creeks, indispensable for roofs, can take their share of the materials blown by the wind and prevent the water accumulated in the clogging of the gutters from reaching the discharge mechanism. This causes a continuous flow of water down the roof gutters over time. For these reasons, it is important to have roof cleaning routinely done at least once a year.

Another important issue about the importance of roof cleaning is the costs. It would be quite inappropriate to raise the cost issue in your mind. As a result, just as we create a living space in a clean environment in our homes, roof cleaning should also be done for the buildings we are in to perform their functions correctly. While avoiding costs, you should not forget that there will be costs of much greater damage in buildings without roof and gutter cleaning. If you want to take advantage of our roof cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us at our contact numbers to make your preliminary appointment without wasting time.

List of roof cleaning works

  • Clean the roof from snow, icing, and icicles in winter. Snow creates an additional load on the roof. Icing disables the drainage system, spoils the roofing, and creates a danger to the lives of passers-by. When you promptly clean snow from roofs, it guarantees the absence of fines and compensation payments to victims.
  • Remove ice and dirt in early spring. The roof continuously accumulates debris and remnants of icing. This is not dangerous to others but provokes rotting or corrosion of the roof. In addition, debris from the roof clogs the drainage system, which causes the accumulations of melt water and, consequently, damage to the roof.
  • The roof should be clear from branches, leaves, and moss in autumn. Before the onset of winter frosts, it is imperative to clean the roof. Leaves, moss, twigs, and other plant material tend to rot. During the winter, such processes will cause significant damage to the roofing. In advanced cases, it is necessary to correct the visors and the drain if it is deformed.
  • Cleaning requires talent, skill, and special equipment. Only professional climbing workers can perform such work without damaging the roof.

Reasons to order roof cleaning from us

  • The team arrives precisely on time. We punish workers for non-compliance with this condition.
  • Special shovels for clearing snow and dirt that won’t damage your roofing. When choosing a method of work and tools, the type of roof and its condition are considered.
  • Extensive experience in working after heavy snowfalls and in icing conditions.
  • Maintenance of any roofs – flat, pitched, domed.
  • 24/7 fixed price service at a reasonable cost.
  • Neat and professional climbing workers who know how to knock icicles and ice off the roof without breaking through the roof.


Like all roofing works, roof cleaning should be done by skilled craftsmen. The artisans within our company come to your address in line with the requests we receive for roof cleaning and make a preliminary appraisal about the roof to be cleaned. Our roof gutter cleaning personnel will go to the roofs with clothes and equipment per all safety measures.

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