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Why is Instagram called the best medium for online marketing?

Nowadays Instagram is one of the most important and popular social media platforms.Instagram is a free online photo sharing application and social network platform, acquired by Facebook in 2012. It is an app or software that anyone can get on their phone, smartphone, laptop and computer. The name Instagram originates from instant camera and telegram. Before starting the journey, the name of instagram was codename. But at the time of publication, its name was instragram.In 2012, Facebook bought it for 1 billion dollars. At that time the number of users of instragram was 30 million. 

Instagram is an app or software that does not require any extra cost to run or open an account. There is no need to worry about opening an account on instragram because it is too easy to create a account on instragram. If you want to open an account on Instagram, you have to give an email, you have to give a password and if you verify the email, the account is opened. 

Photos and videos up to 15 sec length can be uploaded via Instagram. Every day more than 300 million people use Instagram to share photos. Every day 70 million stills and videos are shared via instagram. Instagram has over 1 million advertisers. There are 16 million instagram searches on Google every month. 

When a product or service is offered for money through Instagram, it is called instagram marketing. Anyone can use pictures, videos or reels for Instagram marketing. With this one can reach a lot of customers by spending less labor and time. 

Anyone can establish themselves as a brand through Instagram. However, anyone can take a picture of their product and share it with others. Many fan followers are not needed for the promotion of the product. Because Instagram is basically a hashtag dependent platform. 

Instagram marketing is a popular topic in digital marketing. You will need an Instagram professional or personal account to do online media marketing through it. Apart from that, someone’s profile must have a few thousand followers. In addition, you have to use a nice short name in the profile & give a nice description in the profile. It is better to use hashtags in Instagram descriptions because it makes the profile rich. It is very easy to open an account on Instagram and buy cheap likes for instagram on Instagram. 

Anyone can easily earn millions of rupees through Instagram marketing. There are 2 types of Instagram marketing. Such as : 1. Paid Instagram marketing & 2. Free Instagram marketing. Paid Instagram costs a lot but free Instagram does not require any kind of cost. 

If someone has a lot of followers on his profile,then he can sell his profile. At present many are making income by selling instagram profiles for 100-200 dollars.

Instagram ads are now very popular from Facebook ads. Women entrepreneurs can promote their business through Instagram easily. Because the number of female users on Instagram is much higher. So if new entrepreneurs use women’s favorite products in Instagram ads, then their business will expand.38% of marketers use ads here. This shows that instagram ads play an important role in instagram marketing. 

In this digital age instagram marketing is playing a big role. The main purpose of Instagram marketing is to promote your product to the millions of consumers at home through the internet. Since instagram marketing can be made at home without any investment, the demand for it is increasing day by day.At last, we can say that instagram is one of the best mediums for online marketing.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal