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data analyst course in Delhi

Why is 2022 the best year for taking up studies in data analytics?

A data analyst is expected to be the epitome of versatility. Versatility in terms of deployability and ability to adapt to different circumstances. The times we are going through are extremely precarious and data is being used all the time for ensuring smooth operations. Thus a data analyst is expected to be ready for any circumstances that they might have to encounter. Data grants the power of predictions. And data-driven predictions are known to be accurate. The accuracy however depends on the experiences of people at the helm, the quality of data, and how much data is being used to draw a certain conclusion. The experience can be gained by hard work on the frontlines and a data analyst course in Delhi, Bangalore or Hyderabad is the wisest choice in this regard. Among the data-related roles, business analysts and data analysts are the most prominent. Business analytics is the most well-established among the two and has been in existence for a long time. But unlike data analysts, business analysts deal with exclusively business data. Thus the applicability of a business analyst is somewhat limited. Data analysts are thus being preferred by small ventures that are willing to deploy one employee in multiple areas of commerce. This article will elaborate on the opportunities a data analyst can get after completion of their training.

In the public sector

The public sector is trying its best to emerge from the dark past of 2019. Public sectors around the world collapsed after the pandemic-induced lockdowns. And after the hard lesson, the public sectors are now reluctant to reduce data dependency. As a result, openings in every public sector are imminent.

In the healthcare industry, the use of data is at its absolute pinnacle. Years of stored medical and historical data are being used for the development of personalized therapies. And automation tools are in development for histological and metabolic studies. But the room for errors and mistakes in the healthcare industry is severely limited. Any mistake or prospects of accumulating errors can cause losses of lives. A data analyst willing to get into the healthcare industry must try and gain hands-on experience in the sector. There is no better choice than a data analyst course in Delhi to be in the vicinity of most data-dependent medical institutes in the country.

In the disaster management sector, data is helping save thousands of lives every year. Thanks to the abundance of climate and weather-related data, the prediction of calamities is as easy as a breeze. The patterns of natural disasters can be identified with the utilization of data, and today it is very much possible to predict where and when a calamity might hit and how many lives can be jeopardized as a result of the same. Based on the predictions millions of people are being evacuated to safety every year from the disaster-prone zones, may it be hurricanes or east coast tornados, or Himalayan earthquakes. 

In the commercial sector

In marketing, the use of data is achieving miracles. Thanks to the abundance of data. It is easy to figure out the purchasing power and habits of an entire population. In addition to that, access to financial information can also help understand who is in need of a certain product and are willing to invest in the same. Thus the marketing campaigns that are dependent on data analytics can pinpoint and reach only the most relevant people.

In the case of business administration, the flow of data is essential when it comes to ensuring good coordination between different divisions. Not everyone associated with a business can not be expected to be adequately in touch with the language of data. The additional responsibility of a data analyst is to help in the visualization of data. More lucid the presentation, more understanding can be expected from the participants followed by more team effort and coordination.


Becoming a data professional begins with being a student willing to work hard and gain the necessary experience. Given the importance of data analysts in the public and commercial sectors, it is unwise to look for employment before completion of training or gaining adequate experience, working in the front. And the ones looking for at work training experiences a data analyst course in Delhi has no alternative. And based on how data is taking over all aspects of human life, the relevance of such a course is expected to remain prominent for a long time to come.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal