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Ramadan Gifts

Why Huawei Insists in Offering Ramadan Gifts To Their Loyal Customers?

Loyal high-tech customers always like to offer ramadan gifts to their peers and family members. Huawei knows it better than any other company and has managed to focus its marketing strategy on covering the needs of people during the holy Ramadan season. And they offer huge discounts to all the portable communication devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, not only in the eastern countries region but globally, through their online selling channels. 

Huawei remains the Chinese giant with a huge knowledge of high-tech and software-hardware creation. Let’s see why Huawei has taken the decision to launch an expensive discount and sales program during the 2022 Ramadan season, and how this could help it breach the lower market share domain and outburst the other competitors like Samsung and Apple. 

People who know more about the trends in world consumption agree that Ramadan is the perfect season to launch such marketing efforts, which are fruitful to the point people love to exchange gifts with each other and increase the Huawei brand “halo” effect.

They Are Cheaper For The Company

De-stocking from well-known devices, either smartphones or tablets, is more profitable for the company within the Ramadan season. It is cheaper to sell the devices at the break-even point or even at a slight loss for the company rather than actively promoting them or giving them free for charitable purposes. 

Give A Greater Chunk of Market Share

The greater chunk of market share could only be achieved when you have faith in being a top player. Huawei has the best knowledge about tech innovations and limitations. Taking market shares from the rest of the companies is a great step towards establishing the brand. Huawei is a rather new company that seeks more attention from the public. That’s why it needs to invest and make smart moves to ensure that chunks of market share will be given at the best affordable rate and increase the company’s stock price and overall value. 

Increase The Adoption of The Huawei Brand

The adoption ladder is a new marketing instrument for Huawei that feels the competition pressure from other companies. It’s great to know that being in the top places of the customers’ preference comes with accreditation of the Huawei brand that is mostly appreciated by marketing rules. An adoption ladder is coming from naive to expert and shows how the general public has managed to accept the Huawei firm. Campaigns like the ones launched during the Ramadan season give a strong incentive to people to use the Huawei products without having any prejudice about their features and after-sales services.

Makes Possible to Test The Compatibility 

People who finally try the Huawei products during the Ramadan holy season can test firsthand the compatibility of these to any other device they may have from the past. It’s different from seeing the results by yourself than seeing online tests run in other conditions by people you don’t know.

Huawei remains one of the key world players in the high-tech world market and ensures that more people know its brand daily and trust its products. Ramadan is and always will be the right time to seek for best deals and offers to smartphones and tablets that you would otherwise need a higher part of your income to get.

Muhammad Asad Raza