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Gable Boxes

Why has Gable Boxes Gained Popularity?

Packaging plays the most important part in packing and presenting your valuable items in the most elegant way possible. Nowadays, everyone wants to get their hands on alluring and eye-catching packaging for packing gifts in them. You might have noticed different products and gifts often come in boxes with handles on top of them. They are commonly known as gable boxes.

Gable boxes have entirely transformed the trends of the packaging industry. These multipurpose boxes can be utilize for gift packaging, retail packing, shipping items safely, etc. They are mainly use to prevent items from any sort of external influences. These boxes are unique and versatile as compare to any other kind of packaging for customized gable boxes.

In addition to packing and storing goods in them, they are most famously used to pack gifts in them. High-quality kraft or cardboard material allows you to keep and transport your valuable goods in them safely and gifts are no exception. Hence, if you are looking for a secure yet attractive packaging solution, then gable packaging should be your pick.

Why are Gable Boxes are Main Gift Packaging Solution?

With new trends and packaging solutions, customers demand has also changed a lot. They want packaging that prevents gifts from damaging as well as enhances their appearance. If you have more than one gift item to pack, you can use large gable boxes with the fence partition to keep items well-organized and separated from each other. Numerous jewelry items like bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. are often gift in these boxes. These boxes add more value to the gift and the personality of the presenter.

Moreover, the receiver feels special while receiving a gift. To make these boxes more extra presentable, they are embellishe with several decorated stuff. However, there is a number of other reasons to prefer gable box packaging. If you are interest to learn more about why these boxes are the main choice for gifting purposes? Stick to this article!

7 Reasons for Using Gable Boxes to Wrap a Gift

Custom printed gift boxes have grown popular over the past few years. The idea of packing gifts in traditional gift boxes is slowly diminishing as new packaging solutions are available for customers. They want to find packaging that is easy to hold and carry.

Almost all gifts are so fragile that they need to be packed in boxes that offer them protection. Large gable gift packaging is especially used as a gift hamper with numerous gifts packed in it. These boxes not only reflect the personality of a presenter but also make the receiver feel special about it. Here are reasons for using gable packaging as a perfect packing for gifts.

01. Superior Protection

Protection and safety is a major concern of customers when they look for packaging to pack their gifts. Gable boxes play the most crucial role and are sturdy and durable enough to prevent any breakage or damage. The quality of boxes will determine how long your gift can stay safe and protective from any external damage. These boxes act as a shield for your items yet presenting them attractively. One of the main benefits of choosing gable gift packaging is that it allows customers to modify the color, size, material, style, and design of the packaging.

02. Convenient Design

Probably one of the main reasons for choosing these boxes over any other packaging is yes you guessed it right, it is the handle on the top of custom printed gift boxes. This allows you to hold your packaging more conveniently without the risk of dropping your boxes on the ground, which, unfortunately, tends to happen a lot.

03. Easy to Customize

Gable boxes are highly flexible in that they offer an extensive range of customization options for you to choose from. By putting under consideration your requirements, you can get them tailor-made into your desired dimensions, colors, shape, and styles. These features of customization allow your gift to shine amongst the others. Gable packaging can be also personalize by any theme, whether it’s a bridal shower, birthday, baby shower, etc. to make them even more memorable.

04. Lightweight

Since these boxes are either make of kraft paper or cardboard material, they are extremely lightweight yet sturdy. You can carry these boxes anywhere without worrying about the weight of the box plus the gift pack in it. Sometimes boxes that already have significant weight to them tend to get heavy when a gift is pack in them. It is the reason why customers and manufacturers reach for these boxes more often.

05. Printing Capabilities

Another best feature of cardboard and kraft material gable boxes is they are friendly to almost all types of printing and methods. These boxes are make attractive by applying several high-quality printing techniques. No matter the modern or traditional printing techniques, gable boxes embrace them all!

06. Amazing Giveaway Packaging

Small gable boxes are specially use as a favor box on special occasions, including bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, etc. These Boxes are use as a gesture of happiness to thank all the attendees of a party or any function.

07. Eco-Friendly

Wonder why both manufacturers and consumers prefer these packaging solutions. We all know by now that gable packaging is made from material that can be an easily recyclable business. It will not only make customers feel good when they receive items in such packaging also our environment will be clean and green.

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