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Why do many taxi drivers fundamentally not wear a seat belt?

When ordering “economy”, you don’t have to rely on politeness at all: in Russia “recommendations” do not work, only rules. But why experienced and pleasant-to-talk drivers of “comfort” and, at times, even “business” neglect simple safety rules and thereby belittle themselves in the eyes of the passenger, the AvtoVzglyad portal has figured out. Prenotazione Taxi Nova Milanese is a high-quality taxi service provider that ensures the top-notch security of passengers.

Taxi is a full-fledged representative of the service sector, so a lot depends on the pleasure received by the passenger, or “pax” in the language of drivers. Including the income of the taxi driver himself. Tipping is part of the salary here. And sometimes not small.

Our culture of communication, of course, is in the stage of growth, many even consider themselves a king, calling the “economy” for a trip to the next street, but most “users” still realize that the “cab” is also a person, nothing from the passenger different, and the demeanor with him must be appropriate. The era when everyone who got into a car with checkers considered himself a star from Hollywood films with a personal driver is gradually disappearing.

However, it does not leave too quickly. And sometimes it is taxi drivers who become the reason why passengers begin to behave aggressively, give “two” marks and pay “on account”. From each iron, we are told that the belt is the basis of the basics of safety in the car, modern cars – and in taxis, they are all modern – are set up so that everyone in the cabin must be fastened, otherwise, there will be trouble. And here a professional, a person who makes a living by spinning the steering wheel, drives with a plug. Well, how, may I ask, to relate to this?

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Of course, you should immediately write an angry message to the aggregator so that the person guilty of violating traffic rules will be punished. The tool, I must say, is effective, because a driver with a low rating receives fewer orders and may be blocked altogether for a certain time.

But before pouring out your rage by pressing the touch buttons, you should still ask the driver about the real reason that prevents him from following the rules of the road. Maybe something hurts him, and the belt crushes? Maybe the belt is faulty and won’t be pulled out of the reel?

Most, of course, will say that the belt puts pressure solely on the image and self-esteem. Such drivers are worthy of an angry review. But there is also a very interesting and, I must say, understandable reason, about which one of the sanest and polite drivers of the comfort + tariff told the AvtoVzglyad portal, having previously apologized for not wearing a seat belt.

In fact that a taxi driver can accumulate reasonable money in cash per day, which in tandem with a stash in the glove compartment – small money set aside for maintenance, an envelope “for rubber” – is already quite a significant amount for an ordinary Russian. If you want to read about The Asterisk War Season 3, please read this.

The people have spent some time during the pandemics, problems are growing in heaps, removing the last moral brakes. Finding themselves in a difficult life situation, some are ready to go even to crime. Alcohol often acts as a detonator: what’s on the mind of a sober is on the tongue of a drunk. And then a yellow checkered car appears on their way.

Muhammad Asad Raza