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Why do Filipinos Love to Sing and the Effects of Singing to your health?

Filipinos always stand up when it comes to the topic of talent. A lot of Filipinos are known in the world because of their talents one of them is Jessica Sanchez who has a Filipino bloodline, also Mikey Bustos the seventh placer in Canadian Idol back in 2003, and many more Filipinos. Most of them excel if not in dancing, more probably in singing. In the Philippines, most of their parties has karaoke machine letting their voices be heard.

Filipinos tend to sing at the top of their voices hitting most if not all the notes in the song. That amazes most of the listeners if they are not from the country, but if you are then that is the most normal thing you can observe. Maybe even you can do the same thing. Filipinos love to sing in a gathering, this is their favorite pass time when the party is not yet starting or after having dinner or lunch. With a karaoke on the side and some of their gear supply of microphones and musical instruments, everything is ready for a free concert that most Filipino families conduct in their gatherings.

But why is it that Filipinos really love to sing? Filipino loves to sing because it is the one that makes them happy. Singing with a group of people can highly affect your mood. This makes them feel more happier as they tend to express their feelings and will help you release the happiness in your surroundings, which also affects the people listening.  Long before the establishment of our governments all over the world, the local tribes and the groups tend to gather every night and sing around the campfire. They tend to do this to ward off enemies, bad omens, and build loyalty to the group, and also in order to pass through stories that will help them pass their culture to the next generations.

In the current times, researchers tend to unravel the secrets why people who sing always give positive energy and tend to be happier.

Neuroscience shows that being involved in a group singing makes a person happier, healthier, smarter, and makes them more creative. Singing thus makes the right temporal lobe of the brain, this releases endorphins and oxytocin which makes a person more active, have a heightened state of pleasure, and experience love. This hormone enhances the neuroplasticity of the brain, this also boost the immune system of the person, fight illness that might affect the health of a person, and most importantly fight depression which is the most common mental health problem encountered this time of pandemic. This makes the reason why singing is the best thing to do if you wanted to be happy as we all have a voice.

Humans tend to use the left side of the brain all the time as this controls the analytics and problem-solving ability of each human. On the right side of the brain controls the creativity, intuition, emotion, creativity, and fantasy. This side of the brain also needs to be used all the time and be recharged. Some of the activities that can recharge the right side of the brain is meditation, walking in the woods, and SINGING!

Here are the other reasons why singing is one of the best things to do if you wanted to be happy.

Singing improves the posture of the body, the breathing, and the blood-flow.

Singing is also one form of exercise as we tend to exert an effort to hit the notes of the song and sometimes makes us move around especially if we are with our friends. Singing utilizes our lungs also and increases our blood-flow in the body. Another form of cardiovascular exercise if you don’t want to do running.

Relieve mental health issues.

Due to the fact that singing releases happy hormones and love hormones in our body. This also helps to make our emotions be stable. Singing in a group makes us feel happier, better, and also connected. One of the reasons why people who sing shows low chance of depression.

Save money.

Singing only needs one requirement, and this is to have a voice. Regardless of if you do have a beautiful singing voice or not, singing is a form of exercise that doesn’t makes us invest money into. An exercise that doesn’t require us to be on a gym.

If you wanted to have fun without getting bored, or not going outside, then singing is just for you. We can bond with our friends and family and also exercises our body, our mental health, and creates a stronger bond with the people around you. So, what are you waiting for, maybe you can insert singing in your next family gathering!

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal