Why Choose Gin over Other Spirits?

New Zealand is known for its breathtaking beauty and diverse flora and wildlife, but it’s also a country that thrives on providing the greatest spirits from its diverse botanicals. In fact, at least 21 new gin brands have appeared in New Zealand in the last year.

Gin is currently the fastest-growing spirit in the country, just as it famously crept up during enforced isolation. A decade after the UK’s ‘ginaissance’, new local distilleries are springing up to match the demand for the best spirits NZ has to offer. While there are many different types of spirits available, nothing compares to the popularity of gin.

Although drinking alcohol isn’t normally deemed a healthy lifestyle decision, there are certain advantages in moderation. Gin, in reality, is a liquor with a slew of potential advantages to your body

Improves Your Immune System

It turns out that drinking hot toddies on a more regular basis is a good thing. In fact, one study suggests that those who drink gin every night are more likely to not get sick compared to those who didn’t. But, it’s still worth noting that you should be drinking alcohol in moderation. 

With proper control and lifestyle, you can now boost your immune system while savoring the good times.

Keep Cold at Bay

When you’re feeling a little under the weather, gins won’t let you down, and even history will tell you that it won’t. Most doctors, especially in the 1920s, would prescribe spirits to patients for therapeutic purposes.

Now, as modern medicine and science have progressed, research has revealed that consuming just one glass of gin on a sick day has some medical benefits.

Although there is no proven treatment for the common cold, gin possesses qualities that can help relieve symptoms and make a person feel considerably better.

Lower Your Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

It appears that drinking the best spirits in NZ can benefit a person’s brain in the long run. Studies in Boston University have revealed that having one to six drinks per week may reduce the occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, especially for the elderly. But, of course, this must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

Although there are no fail-safe means to prevent dementia, the best current evidence suggests that there’s a way to prevent it. In addition to only drinking gins in moderation, you should also be physically and mentally active, incorporate a healthy balanced diet, avoid smoking, and maintain a healthy weight. Unlike what most people think, drinking gin in moderation can do you more good than bad, especially in supporting a healthy brain as you age.

Ease Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes, the only resource you have to relieve stress from a long day at the office is to have a good night’s drink.

As you know, alcoholic beverages help slow down the central nervous system, bringing a soothing feeling of relaxation. Also, today’s world is more anxiety-ridden than ever before, so it’s critical to be wise about stress management, and it wouldn’t hurt to take a sip or two if it’s ideal.

Again, there are misconceptions about gins that have been passed down from one mouth to the other. Although alcohol isn’t your typical medication for most of these health issues, it’s good to know that consuming alcohol in moderation isn’t a bad thing.