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Why A Grid Mattress Is The Best For Perfect Sleep

Sleep is essential in one’s life, and if the sleeping order is disturbed, it will lead to different health issues, such as depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and nervous problems. A person who gets good sleep and rests well during the night can progress in whatever he is pursuing without extra effort. But people who don’t have adequate sleep are easily prone to health issues. 

Researchers found that 90 percent of sleeping disorders occur due to cheap mattresses. Also, most sleeping problems arise due to filthy mattresses or beds. You can purchase mattresses by visiting your local or famous shops or buying a favourite branded mattresses online. If you search online for mattresses, you can find branded and high-quality mattresses. Wakefit offers a superior quality smart grid mattress that is highly beneficial to people suffering from sleep-related and back problems.

The two types of mattresses trending in the market are memory foam and Smart Grid Mattresses. Memory foam mattress uses the seat cushioning technology adopted by NASA and applies the same cushioning comfort for all body areas. But some need more support in the spine area, so you have to move for Smart Grid Mattress.

What is a Smart Grid Mattress?

The intention of inventing the grid mattress is to relieve body pain and give proper support to the body at all levels. It is made possible by a polymer (elastic gel-like substance) to absorb pressure and relax the body’s muscles, leading to a comfortable sleep. 

The smart grid mattress has multilayers that provide support and comfort to all body parts. 

  1. The top layer prevents dust from entering the bed.
  2. The smart grid is at the second layer providing support and stretches depending on the body’s weight and giving comfort to the body in all the zones. 
  3. The transition foam is on the third layer for the re-bounce, and the high-density foam is on the fourth layer to withstand and support the mattress. 

Some of the grid mattress benefits are listed below for your convenience.

Benefits of using a “Smart Grid Mattress”:

  1. Stretchability: As mentioned earlier, the smart grid comfort mattress comprises hyper-elastic polymer gel, which gives a smooth feeling to the body parts but remains firm and stiff to erect the spine in a straight-line position. This flexibility feature of the back support mattress relieves back and other body pains.
  2. Airflow: This cool grid mattress removes the heat from the body while sleeping by maintaining adequate air circulation throughout the bed. The gel in the grid structure provides moderate temperature.
  3. Comfortability: This soft foam grid mattress comforts you in any sleeping postures. It cradles you in all sleeping positions, possibly comforting your back and other body parts. 
  4. Right Bounce: This medium-firm grid mattress allows you to sink like Latex beds with proper re-bounce and buoyancy. This grid mattress strikes the perfect balance with the partner.
  5. Motion Isolator: The grid mattress ensures you would not be disturbed by your partner’s tossing over during sleep. It would give an adequate quality of sleep when you sleep. This grid mattress provides strong and soft support while sleeping.
  6.  No allergies: This grid mattress is hypoallergenic as its structure doesn’t allow any bugs to enter. It chases away dust, mites, bugs, and insects that are hazardous to your health. Therefore, it is safe for babies and children. Moreover, this grid mattress can accommodate lightweight or overweight children or adults to sleep. Due to its structures, the grid mattress keeps the person at a comfortable level irrespective of his sleeping position.
  7. High density: This grid mattress offers high density to give the best sleeping solution and relieve pain from all body parts. Its compatibility provides comfort to the person who is sleeping. It offers excellent temperature regulation and keeps the sweat away from your body.

This grid mattress benefits you in many ways and is durable and long-lasting. It is a one-time investment and fetches more reliable benefits for you. Moreover, it keeps termites, insects, and bugs away from the bed; it is safer to use for children and aged people. It doesn’t have only extra cushions but also multilayers that give support and relieve pains at different parts of the body. 

The hyper-elastic gel provides adequate support and comfort to the body where necessary. The unique feature of the multilayered concept makes the grid mattress adapt quickly to the body parts and comfortably snug the sleeping person. Other beds cushion you uniformly while sleeping, whereas this grid mattress buffers your body parts and maintains your back straight and erect. 

Therefore, doctors recommend using a grid mattress while you suffer back aches because the grid mattress supports your spine area while you are sleeping. It takes extra care to provide support and comfort to your back irrespective of your different sleeping position.

Muhammad Asad Raza