Who is scammed the most?

This study is the first of its kind and sheds light on the magnitude of the problem,” said Paul Kupiec, chief scientist for cybersecurity firm RiskIQ.

We’ve known for years that older people are more likely to fall victim to scams, but it’s never been quantified.” The report comes as the number of complaints about online fraud by seniors has risen by 57 percent in the last year.

RiskIQ analyzed data from more than 1 million consumer complaints 먹튀사이트 collected by the Better Business Bureau. The findings show that seniors are at least twice as likely to be victims of scam emails compared to other age groups.

And they’re also twice as likely to be targeted for social engineering attacks, where con artists trick them into giving up personal information. ‘

RiskIQ found that most people who fall victim to scams are not aware they’ve been duped until after they’ve already been scammed.