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Where are all the Disneylands and Theme Parks Located

Where are all the Disneylands and Theme Parks Located?

Disneyland is a brilliant location that falls on the bucket list of every person and it is the dream of many kids and children to visit a Disney- inspired theme park once in their lifetime that is why people are often very excited to know everything that they can know about Disneyland. 

There are also many people who often wish to visit all the Disneylands that are present in the world and that is why they need to know the information that they can get about all the Disney theme parks in the world. We are going to tell you about the different places that have Disneyland in the world along with Disneyland tickets price

How Many Disneylands are there in the World?

In total there are five Disneyland resorts and theme parks around the world that people can go and visit. And the biggest highlight of all these places is that all of them are unique and represent different things and you will enjoy and experience different things at each park so, get ready to know about all these parks that you can enjoy and have the best time of your life. 

Disneyland Resort

Location: Anaheim, California

The Disneyland Resorts in California are the original resort that was first created by Disney. The theme park is one of the oldest and the largest theme parks in the world as the park was built in 1955 and has different zones where people can enjoy all the zones that include restaurants, hotels, and other places. 

Disneyland Resorts

Location: Paris

After California, the next Disneyland came to the city of life also is home to Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. The magical rides, attractions, and places of attraction are the highlights of this theme park where people can enjoy as much as they want to and there are many other things that the place offers too.

Disneyland Resort and Disney Sea

Location: Tokyo

Tokyo is also home to this awesome place as people can enjoy Disneyland along with the Disney Sea at this amazing destination. There are seven different harbors in the place and the Tokyo theme park is educational as much as it is adventurous and magical. This amazing theme park is one of the most visited parks in the entire world and the reason is the amazing things that the park offers. 

Disneyland Resort

Location: Shanghai

Another Asian resort that people can enjoy is Shanghai. This magical place has different things which will ignite your imagination and you can have a very awesome and memorable experience at this amazing location that will force you to relive all your childhood memories. There are different rides and sports that you can experience at this awesome place. 

Disneyland Resort

Location: Hong Kong

Even though the Hog Kong Disneyland resort is the smallest resort in all the places, it is by no means any less as there are different imaginative rides and places of entertainment that you will have a very awesome experience at this place. You can sail and have fun on the Jungle River cruise and experience many other things at this amazing site. 

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