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When Should You Call A Doctor On Call In Dubai?

We live in a fast-paced society where seeking medical help at the appropriate moment is frequently unneeded. People frequently grow perplexed and dismiss medical attention as unimportant, which leads to deterioration over time and, in some cases, death.

People prefer not to travel to the hospital or acquire a clinical facility, especially during the Covid-19’s uncertain era and continued limits. It is most likely because many people do not want to risk contracting the virus. Yes, it is prudent to save in this manner.

However, this does not preclude you from contacting the Royal Premiere Healthcare doctor on call. In fact, for consumers looking for an on call doctor Dubai from a reputable medical facility like Royal Premiere Healthcare, this service has become a game-changer.

Signs You Should Call a Doctor Right Away

Here are the most typical warning signs that people overlook or fail to see, only to regret later. Contact Royal Premiere Healthcare, Dubai’s finest medical facility, for a home visit if you notice any of these symptoms.

1. Having Pink or Red Eyes

Red or pink eye is a common cause of conjunctivitis, requiring prompt treatment. This is a serious condition with potentially fatal consequences. The visual issues are significant and require medical attention right away.

In reality, this is an infection and inflammation of the human eye’s thin membrane, which bacterial infection may have caused. As a result, calling Royal Premiere Healthcare’s doctor on call assures that your pink eye problem is handled quickly.

2. No longer able to smell or taste

One of the most common signs that you’ve come into touch with the Covid-19 symptoms is losing your sense of smell or taste. Calling a doctor on call becomes even more important at this point.

In this situation, going out, meeting people, or performing routine duties may endanger the lives of others since you become a major source of viral transmission unless proven. So, engaging a home healthcare team from Royal Premiere Healthcare will ensure that you are tested by professionals in the comfort of your own home and receive reports to help you decide what to do next. Our PCR test at home in Dubai is a great technique to check for Covid-19 positive because it provides quick and accurate results for the patient’s satisfaction.

3. Constipation

Abdominal pain is another indication that you should seek medical help right away. Our trained and DHA-licensed doctor will arrive at your home, hotel, or business to deliver quick medical attention and pain relief medications upon receiving your call.

4. Experiencing Blood Cough

Coughing up blood requires immediate medical attention and can occur from various sources. According to some top medical journals, it irritates the lungs, and forceful coughing can cause a small blood vessel in the airway to bleed.

Furthermore, another study suggests that it could be the effect of Covid-19 exposure, which caused blood to be coughed up, a condition called hemoptysis. So, contact our on-call doctor and receive prompt and courteous medical care at your convenience.

5. High Fever

If you have a high fever, you should contact Royal Premiere Healthcare for home health care and get tested for the Covid-19 virus. The skilled and trained doctor will evaluate you and request an express PCR test at home, with results delivered as soon as possible.

Furthermore, our specialist doctors will offer you professional treatment for any infectious virus that may arise from viral or bacterial infections. Furthermore, if the Covid-19 test is positive, our staff will rush to your rescue and provide the best medical care possible to hasten your recovery.

6. Breathing Problems

Shortness of breath is another unmet medical need that many individuals overlook. A variety of factors can cause shortness of breath. Exercise-induced exhaustion, asthma, or disease caused by the Covid-19 virus as one of the most common signs of Covid-19 infection, this necessitates immediate attention and treatment. If you have shortness of breath at this stage, calling a doctor Dubai from Royal Premiere Healthcare is the best method to get skilled medical help right away.

Our DHA-certified medical team will arrive at your house, hotel, or office within 30-45 minutes for emergency treatment and a PCR test with excellent medical care.

Furthermore, because most persons infected with the Covid-19 virus have mild symptoms at first, addressing this problem becomes critical. However, it eventually leads to shortness of breath, which can have serious consequences if not treated promptly.

7. Throat infection

Various factors might cause throat irritation. One of them is virus and bacterium exposure. When you call Royal Premiere Healthcare at home, our experts will do a swab test for the Covid-19 virus detection and provide you with a report in just 20 hours, carefully following the established guidelines stipulated by the Dubai Health Authority. Getting medical help at home for a sore throat keeps the fever from getting worse.

8. You’re exhausted

A variety of factors can cause fatigue. The Covid-19 virus is one of them. If you have weariness along with flu or body aches, there’s a good chance you’ve been exposed to the deadly virus. In this case, enlisting the help of a house doctor is likely to spare you from later regret. Our qualified doctors in Dubai and nurses at home will help you with your exhaustion by recommending that you drink plenty of water and rest.

Final Thoughts

Medical assistance is required. If you have any of the following health concerns, you will almost certainly require a quick assistance. Your health and welfare will be ensured if you take timely precautions and seek medical help from Dubai’s skilled healthcare staff. Our doctor on call and healthcare workers will ensure that you live a healthy, happy, and cheerful life wherever you are in Dubai.