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What’s New in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Chapter 3 Season 1 is out, and Season 2 Resistance is in. Find out what the game has in store for players for this update.

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 1 is over, and a new season is on the horizon. Chapter 3, Season 2, titled Resistance, has finally arrived, and there is a lot of additional content for players. Aside from new outfits in the Fortnite Item Shop, Epic Games is bringing in many changes that have the community divided on the update.

Season 2’s theme is Resistance, where the game encourages players to join the fight to liberate Zero Point. The hear of Reality Zero has been the main interest in the Fortnite storyline. With the latest update being the culmination of the fight for the Nexus Core, fans are excited to see what happens to the game’s omniverse.

Major Change: No More Building

Fortnite is one of the premier battle royale games in the genre alongside other titles such as Apex Legends, PUBG, and Warzone. Like any royale rumble match, players are dropped into an islandto scavenge weapons, eliminate other players, and be the last one standing. Aside from its excellent cosmetics in the Fortnite Item Shop, what sets Epic Games’ popular BR game from others in the category is its build mode.

Aside from looting and shooting, building has been one of the defining features of Fortnite. Gamers can create makeshift walls to hide them from incoming bullets, make ramps to let them get to higher places or build towers to gain the high ground. This feature is argued to be the game’s bread and butter.

However, Epic Games shocked the entire community when they announced that the build mode would be removed during this season. The move has many players divided over the decision to replace one of Fortnite’s most distinct aspects. Some, most of which are hardcore shooters, have praised the move stating that it offers variety to the game. Meanwhile, some long-time fans are not happy with the decisions, saying that Fortnite is just another BR game without the building aspect.

New Features

With removing the game’s key feature, Epic Games had to introduce new features to make sure that the game is still unique from other battle royales. These include other new movements for characters and new in-game mechanics. Here are the latest additions to the popular BR game:

Parkour Movements

After removing the build feature, getting to high places would have been much harder if it wasn’t for the inclusion of new movement mechanics. The base speed of all characters has been increased. At the same time, the developers have added a feature that allows players to sprint faster for a limited period.

Aside from the increase in speed, Epic Games have also included mantling as a new movement mechanic. Gamers can now climb up ledges of buildings and hoist themselves up to get to higher places since they can no longer build ramps. In addition, players can also vault into windows to enter structures without breaking the walls.

Ride the Armored Battle Bus

Though ridable vehicles or mounts isn’t unheard of in the popular BR game, this time, players can use a ridable version of the battle bus. This armored vehicle can be equipped with several features like Chonkers Tires, Cow Catchers, and turrets. Gamers can now ram over their opponents or striker them down with bullets from the turrets.

Doctor Strange Enters the Omniverse via Battle Pass

A new season means a brand-new battle pass. These passes have been the source of many unique rewards such as weapon skins and outfits through the game’s existence. Now, players will be able to unlock the Sorcerer Supreme candidate, Doctor Strange.

Unlocking the Master of the Mystic Arts is by no means easy since gamers will have to redeem several other characters before they can receive the powerful Marvel hero. Here are the personas that players will have to unlock first:

  • Tsuki 2.0
  • Gunnar
  • The Imagined
  • Kiara K.O.
  • The Origin
  • Erisa

Naturally, all these outfits can be acquired by leveling up the battle pass,exceptTsuki 2.0. The new Tsuki outfit version can be unlocked right away when players buy the key. Spider-Man villain Prowler might also be included later, so gamers should consider getting the Season 2 BP. Aside from outfits, the Omni Sword Pickaxe will also be available on the first page. Those who own passes can change the blades, guards, colors, and sounds by collecting omni chips from the Omni Sword Quests.

New Items

Resistance is also adding new items to help players adapt to the significant change in gameplay. Here is the list of the latest equipment in Fortnite:

  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Drum Shotgun
  • Revolver
  • Remote Explosives
  • Thermal Scoped Revolver
  • Storm Scout Sniper Refile
  • Shockwave Grenades

There are a lot of significant changes in the game’s latest season. The removal of the build feature means that gamers with Fortnite accounts that are anti-building no longer have an excuse to avoid the game. Hopefully, removing the part is not permanent in the game’s default mode. Fans are hopeful that the building mechanic will eventually make a grand return.

Sanket Goyal
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