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Whatfix is a private company that was founded in 2014. It has its headquarters in San Jose, California and Bengaluru, India. It provides performance support to the applications over the internet. They help in the creation of interactive walkthroughs. It is a SaaS-based platform. It is essential for every individual and organization who works digitally. They enhance the experience of working over the internet and increase the productivity of the applications. It helps in analyzing, building and delivering improvised content. It also helps to conduct NPS surveys and send reminders. They also provide personalized experiences. Here is discussed some points on its working:-

1) Drawing insights about behavior– Whatfix helps to understand the behavior of users and how their interactions with the app are. They help to know how their app is working whether they are working on optimization level or not. If they are not working at the optimization level how they can be improved and can be made more users friendly.

2) Easy development and improved application-The application training are too much easy and there is no pressure on the support teams as the Whatfix platform is designed in such a way that it handles all this work so smoothly. It helps in easy development and application improvement. Effective roadmaps are made by the application experts for the progress and growth potential of the organization. At the same time, it also helps to monitor that how efficiently and smoothly it is working. It also helps to conduct surveys and send reminders. It helps in the communication of updates in features and improves productivity speed to its users.

3) Provide help and guidance support-It helps to provide proper guidance as it understands the needs of each user. This feature benefits the organizations immensely. It provides immense growth and proficiency to the organization. Without what fix, the organization cannot understand what their user is looking for.

4) Reduction in queries-Whatfix has led to a decrease in the number of client calls for queries. There is an immense decrease in the number of support calls as the Whatfix team is responsive and easy to work with. It has to lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. It helps in the transformation and implementation of new technologies that make the flow of work so easy and without any hindrances. At the same productivity also increased.

5) Easies the task of sales force-It has made the work of the sales team easy. They treat it as a member of their team. It simplifies their work and reduces confusion about working and training. It helps to empower its employees by providing them self-help and training. It is easy to hire new employees and get them on board due to its training facility. It saves time on training content and also reduces the cost of the organization.

Whatfix platform provides app guidance. It has increased employee productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction in its clients. It has improvised productivity and experience. It helps the organization to know whether there is satisfying the customer or not. If not it should be improved and also provide support services for its improvement. It has reduced the work of the customer support team because of its user-friendly feature. People are too comfortable with what fix application that they do not require much help and there is too much reduction in the queries at the same time. It helps to provide personalized guidance and help to its user as it understands the needs and type of each user on the app. It is very beneficial for the organization because what fix it might be very difficult to understand its users for the organization. It has made the work of its sales force so easy. They are dependent on it as it is too reliable. They treat it as a member of their team as it helps them in dealing with all types of queries and provides them with in-app training. They provide them self -help and they are not required to depend on anybody. If there is any new employee his onboarding is done speedily. Whatfix can be used on various kinds of the digital workplace. It is friendly with different platforms and can be used comfortably on them.