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Thursday, September 21, 2023

What to wear for a triathlon race to keep yourself comfortable?

Are you going for your first Triathlon race? Are you collecting your dress and accessories but looking for the best brand to purchase the things for this energetic sports activity? If yes, then why not give a chance to Sumarpo, a great brand that meets all your race requirements. You will find premium quality products and will love to wear and use all race items. 

You need a complete kit to wear during the race day to feel comfortable. Selecting the right things during the race is very important to stay dedicated and enthusiastic. Thus, they should pick a nice attire and prepare for the race perfectly. Things that women should own for the triathlon race are discussed below. You can buy them from SUMARPO and have a wonderful triathlon race experience.

Race suit

The first most important thing you must have is your athlete’s dress. It is obvious that you need a dress that keeps you relaxed and comfortable for any sports activity. Thus, for cycling, swimming, or running, you must have a dress to feel flexible and perform the activity without any hassle. For swimming, you should pick a wet suit. The product from Sumarpo is of premium quality as these are designed with Yamamoto neoprene. The best thing about such a dress is that it keeps the legs and hips above the water body and enhances buoyancy. In this way, the swimmer stays on top of the water body, does not sink, and he can swim for long hours without feeling fatigued.

One more future of the dress is that these are eco-friendly. The neoprene in the Race suit is made with limestone that is biodegradable. Thus, it is skin-friendly and does not cause rashes. Therefore, the inner liner and superfine stretch inner let the dress glide smoothly on the body.

Running shorts

Just like a swimsuit, you should have run and cycling shorts. You must prefer the comfortable one and that works well during your activity. Try to buy fabric that does not cause sweating in the legs and dry your body. The breathable material can be a perfect option to give you a comfortable ride.

Make Your Presentation Perfect

After electing your dresses, next comes the turn of accessories you should have. Not only does dress matter, but you should have a cap, glasses, right shoes, paddles, and socks so you can stay comfortable all day long. You know well, Triathlon is about a whole day activity. So, you have things with you that keep you relaxed, and you won’t get tired. Thus, wear your accessories according to race type, present yourself decently and get ready for the race to stay comfortable and look incredible.

Eye wears

The most important thing you should have is performance sunglasses. It is because the race is during the daytime, and to prevent your eyes from bright sunlight, you should choose the Sumarpo eyewear. The sports performances glass is adaptable, and you can use it for cycling, running, or any other sports activity. These are usually light in weight and provide an unrestricted field of view. Thus, it makes a perfect option for athletes. Some glasses come with the minus lens, therefore, are ideal for wearing for a myope.

Race Belt

Race belts are important as you can keep your things in them. These are adjustable so that one can fit according to waist size. These are elastic in nature and come with an adjustable cord system so you can hold your race number easily in them. So, you must have one ultralight, adjustable elastic belt with you.


For the race, try to buy long socks. Avoid fashion socks, pick the breathable compression socks, and keep your feet dry. The best socks come with a compression of 20 to 30 mm hg compression and are made with nylon and lycra. These are super elastic resistant to abrasion, and extreme comfort. The key feature of such socks is they relieve pain due to varicose pain, prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis, and prevent swelling of legs. Moreover, these have toe closure to provide no matter what type of sports you are going to, and you can wear them. Prefer them for racing, cycling, tennis, or other sports activity. 

Goggles For Swimming

One more thing you should not forget to keep in your kit is the swimming goggles. To avoid glare, water splash in your eyes, and prevent fog, then it is a must-have accessory in your bag. These glasses are double-layered have an anti-fog coating and deck seal design. Moreover, these come with the premium optical lens to provide maximum peripheral vision and better light transmission. The lens of these glasses has a polycarbonate coat and silica gel to enhance vision. Moreover, these glasses also come with a UV coating, thus preventing your eyes from harmful UV radiation.

Hand Paddles

The last but not the least accessory that you should have is the hand paddles for swimming. These provide the best performance during swimming, and ergonomic design perfectly fits your hands. These come with the band so you can fix the paddle comfortably, so it does not move out during swimming. Moreover, such paddles come with holes, so you feel water and hands stay comfortable too. TPE and polypropylene material make it a perfect choice to wear during swimming.

Final Verdict

Preparing for the triathlon race needs complete practice and a complete dress and accessories to stay relaxed and comfortable. Thus, if you are getting prepared for the upcoming race, then make a checklist and keep all required items in your bag so you do not get uncomfortable and you find no hindrance during your sports activity. Get ready to buy all essential things for the race. One thing to remember is never to compromise on the quality of products. Always choose the one that is body friendly and keeps you comfortable. The low quality will cause rashes and itching and not let you win the race.

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