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Nano Diamond coated dies

What to know about Nano Diamond Coated Dies?

It is a well known aspect that wire drawing constitutes an integral part in the manufacturing industries. This is more so for those organizations where the need for quality Wire Drawing Dies is huge to produce different types of products. Hence, manufacturers can be found to source directly the wires from different wire drawing factories. This is done according to their business specifications. They may even purchase wire dies create suitable wires inside their factories based on their specific needs.


When wire drawing is concerned, numerous applications are present. The primary among them that wire drawing dies manufacturers look forwards to, is electrical wiring, tension loaded structural component, spokes meant for industrial wheels, springs, cable manufacturing, paper clips, stringed musical instruments, etc.

Wire drawing concept is considered to be quite a simple one. It tends to involve several vital processes. It includes swaging, rolling, filing, hammering and ultimately trying to pull wire via the die. Wire gets drawn with the objective to reduce its diameter. It is also to meet specific needs of diverse industrial purposes. You can seek honest information at the leading portals. Here, you may place orders to buy superior quality dies at competitive prices.

Wire Dies: Quality and Processing

Wires can be drawn by using different ways. Each one is found to be suitable for a specific industry type. The die specification meant to draw the wire as demanded by the specific industry is to be kept in mind while making the selection. Drawing is generally performed at room temperatures. In a few cases, it can be above the specified degree. The wire volume, in this case tends to remain the same. However, there is noticed reduction in its diameter while the wire’s length increases.

Die models to know about

When trying to buy diamond drawing dies or wire drawn type dies, you need to be aware of the models available in the market. The primary among them is CXT PCD, CXD and SX molds. In the present economy, the successfully used ones are Nano Diamond Coated Dies and PCD wires. They provide long life as well as uniform finishing. Both are stated to be excellent options for high speed drawing. They are also considered to be the sought after ones by modern industries. PCD wire die cost is found to be quite low unlike single crystal diamond types.


Diamond dies are quite useful and can be used for various purposes. They can draw high, medium and low carbon content wires. At the same time, they can even draw alloys, copper and aluminium with great ease.

Nano diamond coated type dies

Nano dies are considered to be tungsten carbide dies. Usually, they are coated using nanocrystalline diamond particle layer of about 30 thick micron. Nanocrystalline particles tend to cover the entire die surface. Diamond drawing dies’ diamond coatings are perfectly grounded and then polished with the objective to obtain mold. They become tough to resemble toughness similar to that of cemented carbide.

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