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Moroccan rugs
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What things to see in Moroccan rugs?

It can be overwhelming at times when it comes to rugs. There are so many designs and patterns to choose from that they can all start to blend after a while. But everyone understands that moroccan rugs are a foolproof way to spruce up a room. The gentle texture of a Beni Ourain–style floor covering transmits warmth without appearing too “bushy.” The colors vary from the ideal shade of creamy white to electric shades that you would never intend to work in your home but do. Of course, because moroccan style rugs are so stylish and durable, they are also quite expensive. Moroccan rugs are prized for their unique designs. Moroccan rugs come in over 45 different styles.

Here are some tips that can help the perfect rug without going insane.

  • The most important thing you should consider before buying a rug is that you must determine the size of the rug you require, the type or color of rug that will complement the area where the fabric will be placed, and your rug budget.
  • There are many rug retailers, so converse with as many as you can. 
  • Make a list of colors that you like or dislike. Tell the vendor you don’t want to see any more orange rugs if you’ve seen a few orange rugs and dislike them. Similarly, if you need a rug with blue in it, let them know right away.
  • This may be a big leap for some because not everyone is interested in inspecting the quality of the rug fabric. One thing to keep in mind about handmade rugs, such as Moroccan varieties, is hand-knotted. You can also inquire about the dye used to color the rug. Natural dyes are the most authentic, but they are also the most expensive.
  • Begin by narrowing down your favorite rugs. The vendor will take rug after rug and place them on the floor. Stop them when you’ve reached a point where you’re not sure. Request that the rugs you do not like be removed and the ones that are “maybes” be set aside. Once the rugs you don’t like have been removed, have them lay out the rugs you do like; this makes it much easier to decide what might be a good fit.
  • Keep in mind that the rooms where you are viewing the rug are likely to be much larger than the room where the rug will be used at home. So, while it may “appear small” on the large floor, it is not.
  • After going through the maybe pile and sorting out the rugs, you still want to look at or those that aren’t a good fit, it’s time to decide whether you want to see more or decide.
  • If you decide to see more, let the vendor know if you have a favorite style of rugs or if you’d like to see something completely different.

Each design’s intensity and meaning are the true beauty of Moroccan rugs. Every stitch incorporates a marvelous piece of history originating from a rich and fascinating culture. Any of these classy rugs will bring new life to a plethora of different spaces.