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What modules can you expect to learn from a part-time online MBA?

A Master’s in Business Administration or MBA is one of the most coveted business degrees in the world. Did you know that 42 CEOs of the Fortune top 100 companies hold an MBA degree from a reputed institute?

An MBA in your resume can reflect your skills and competencies to lead your company towards phenomenal corporate growth. An MBA can also enhance your progression route to becoming an experienced manager.

However, going back to school to get an MBA is often not feasible, especially for people with financial obligations. In that case, a part-time MBA in Dublin makes more sense since it allows you to juggle your academics with your professional duties.

Before you jump aboard the MBA bandwagon, you should know what you can expect to learn from the programme. Although the coursework for MBA programmes can change depending upon the university and specialisation you choose, you can expect to study the following modules in any MBA course.

  1. Finance management for managers: This module aims to provide students with a complete overview of financial management tools and techniques required for growing a business. You will develop a critical understanding of different financial issues and learn how to develop effective and innovative financial solutions.
  2. Marketing management: A comprehensive knowledge of different marketing management techniques allow you to evaluate the existing marketing campaigns in a company and their effectiveness. You will develop a fair knowledge of different marketing concepts like the funnel theory and target personas. You will also be abreast of the latest marketing trends and developments in the marketing field.
  3. Strategic management: The strategic management module provides you with an insight into different strategic management practices underway in an organisation. You learn more about effective decision-making processes that allow you to lead people at all business levels. Once you are done with the module, you will be able to critically evaluate different development strategies and management issues.
  4. Human resource management: HR plays an important function in the management and development of a company. Through this module, you will learn how HR professionals can hire new talent, train them and properly induct them into the organisation. You will also cover other important aspects of HR management such as payroll, employee engagement and policy making.

Othe common modules in an MBA curriculum may also include digital marketing, project management and a capstone project or dissertation.

Once you are through with all these modules, you will have a fair idea of different business operations and their varied aspects. You can choose to further specialise in any of these specialties or stay in a general management line.

Pursuing an MBA will allow you to explore the latest management theories and gain essential managerial skills. Invest in a good MBA programme from a reputed university today to enhance your future career prospects within the corporate world.


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