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What Is the Process of a Flu Test?

The infectious COVID-19 virus can be found in a COVID-19 patient after the incubation period and the onset of symptoms. The most important job for COVID-19 prevention and control is to promote early diagnosis, early reporting, early quarantine, and early treatment of the disease, which can help save lives.

Wondfo was quick to respond to COVID-19 and has successfully developed three COVID-19 test kits, including RT-PCR, antigen, and antibody testing, to aid in the global fight against the virus.

Is a flu test required, and why?

If you have flu-like symptoms, talk to your doctor about whether a flu test is warranted.

-Fever \s-Chills

-Fatigue -Muscle or body aches


-A stuffy or runny nose

-Tender throat -Cough

You may not need a flu test even if you have flu symptoms. However, if the flu is frequent in your area, your healthcare professional may be able to diagnose you without a test.

What happens during a flu test?

A flu test requires a fluid sample from your nose or throat. There are two methods for collecting a sample for testing:

A swab examination. Your healthcare expert will use a specialized swab to obtain a sample from your nose or throat.

Swallow or wash your nose. A saline solution (salt water) injected into your nose will be gently suctioned out by your healthcare expert.

There are other at-home flu testing options. Following all the directions included with your test kit is critical. There are two types of at-home tests:

Rapid flu testing can be conducted totally at home. Before the test, you normally swab your nose to obtain the sample. The results are available in under 15 minutes.

A kit is provided for self-collection tests to collect a fluid sample that will be forwarded to a lab for examination. Typically, the sample is saliva or a nose swab. Even if the results are only accessible for a few days, these tests are usually more trustworthy than the rapid tests you may do at home.

Some at-home tests detect COVID-19 and the flu. So if you’re thinking about doing a home flu test, talk to your doctor about the best test for your situation.