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What is the difference between Cloud Storage & Cloud Backup?

Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup have often been confused as a same thing with the common assumption that cloud automatically stores data as a backup. This is not exactly what happens, although most commonly, Cloud service providers automatically offer to back up data which is ‘already in the cloud’. Meaning, there is some data which is ‘Stored’ in the cloud and ready to be backed up. It’s a choice that whether you want to just store data in the cloud or also want to back it up entirely as well. Therefore some sort of Backup disaster recoverymechanism is required to be on the safer end.
To put this simply, Cloud storage is a database or repository of data.Whereas Cloud backup simply ‘backs up’ or creates copies of that particular data.
Cloud Storage & Cloud Backup

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage mainly stores files, in a way that they can be accessible and be used from any system, anywhere in the world. Cloud storage is widely used to reduce the cost of data centers and on-site storage systems.
Choosing your cloud service provider is also an important step. Having a bad service provider will not be as efficient and secure as opposed to a good one who offers encryption and other benefits.
Cloud Storage is a great way to share documents and files but it is no place to back up your mission-critical data. This is where cloud backup comes in place.
Stonefly offers cloud storage options in Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google and other S3 compatible clouds.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a cloud based application or process which allows you to automatically or manually backup your files, VMs and servers and store them in a safe off site location. This in return protects against disasters and cyber-attacks. Cloud backup is highly essential for an organization to maintain business continuity. Microsoft cloud backup is used to backup your valuable data.
Cloud back solutions simply create historical copies of your critical data and store them in the cloud so if there is a cyber-attack or a natural disaster, companies can recover their data easily and efficiently.
Some good cloud backup solutions (like Stonefly CDR365), offers users a simple and easy to use online backup solution with automated services. With the option of scheduled backups companies can control when to initiate the back and set it to automatic.
The main purpose of cloud backup is to make sure that there are copies of data that users can use to recover files. This is done by constantly assuring that data is being backed up regularly.


Both Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup are essential for a business but they are in no way the same. Cloud storage enables companies to reduce cost of storage and maintenance to huge data center, whereas cloud backups ensure that all of the companies’critical data is backed up into a secure location and is protected.
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