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What is the best way to estimate the cost of developing an app?

The tool we most often use to calculate the cost of developing a new app is the app cost calculator. As you may have guessed, the factors that influence the final valuation of a mobile app are many.  For this reason we developed software that will allow the client, in a quick way, using a questionnaire, to determine the total amount of cost that must be borne, then will be sure that it fits into the assumed budget.

Application cost calculator operation

It is worth noting at the outset that you should be cautious when using some online cost calculators that focus on feature and technology selection.  Product Discovery workshops are another attempt at pricing, but if you want a contractual amount for the whole project, it is advisable to use a calculator. There you need to answer questions such as at what stage of product development you are, how much time you are able to spend waiting for the product and what your budget is. The app cost calculator only takes a few seconds to see an estimate. You need a thorough understanding of what the suppliers will provide and what you will be responsible for. Don’t forget to add the cost of maintenance, bugs, updates and patches. You will probably need to provide an email to receive the report, but once you provide it, you can view the estimate.

What affects development costs?

Your app development budget verifies your initial plan and, if it is a major factor, helps you choose the most appropriate solution. Business goals that help define your real needs, rather than thinking of digital products as a list of features built to satisfy stakeholders. Although technology is not the most important factor in dictating the final pricing of an application, you must still take it into account when reviewing the quote. A feature of a good system is choosing the right programming language that will perfectly fit the system requirements and will affect scalability, flexibility, etc.

Why might it be seen as so expensive?

Software development is expensive because it relies heavily on the very specific knowledge and skills and experience of the programmer. We pay mainly for experience and years of practice, not for technology as some people think. Additionally, writing software is a painstaking process that must be done in a close-knit team. To create an efficient, beautiful and user-friendly product, you also need experts: UX / UI designers, Devops engineers, business analysts, copywriters, etc. Each of these functions must be paid for separately, depending on the competence and reputation of the professional in question. Where your app is developed also matters a lot. Rates in the US will be the highest. Offshore rates are usually the lowest.

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