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What is Power BI

What Is Power BI and How It Can Help You Make Important Decisions for Your Business

Imagine all your data in the form of clear and interactive graphs .Your whole team always able to connect from any device and at any time. You have the complete picture of your business constantly at hand. Today, all of this is possible with Power BI, a Microsoft signed product.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business analysis platform that allows you to collect all your data, to have it always available in one place and to be able to share information about your organization.

At the beginning you may find Power BI consultancy useful, to make the most of its potential and adapt it to your reality.

One of the main problems facing companies is that of being able to organize all their data in an orderly and widespread way.

Some may be spread across Excel files, others still saved to a cloud.

In this way the information is fragmented, confusing and, above all, does not allow to have a clear vision on the situation of the company.

What is Power BI?

A set of software and apps that extrapolate all your data in the form of words and numbers to give you clear and captivating graphs on the state of your business.

You only have what is important and share it with who you decide.

Power BI is perfect both for those who want to start big in their new business and for those who have a more structured reality and need data always at hand to make decisions and manage projects.

For quick and effective decisions you have to have everything under control!

What role do you play? We will tell you how to use Power BI

After explaining what Power BI is, we want to show you that it is suitable for every professional figure. Do not you believe it?

For analysts

Analysis means having all the data clear and then taking action. If you deal with data analysis, you are well aware of the amount of work you are dealing with every day.

Power BI allows you to connect all data, create interactive charts to view them and have access to even the most hidden information, up to create a complete dashboard that can update the whole team on the situation.

Power BI also provides tools that allow you to organize a huge amount of data very quickly and at low costs, such as Power Query in the Desktop version.

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This already seems innovative!

Do you think that even the final visualization of the data is supported by artificial intelligence to provide you with an even more realistic picture?

Being an open source system, you can change the visual style to your liking.

For IT

Power BI allows you to better manage the work of a single person, but it helps even more large companies that have to keep many departments under control, each with its good amount of data.

A first positive side, and that makes Power BI perfect for companies, is the fact that large companies often already work with Microsoft products.

This allows a perfect integration between the already existing amazon ungating service 2020 background and an innovative system that can bring a clear improvement in the quality of the work.

All data and reports can be managed by the IT department, supported by the security guaranteed by Power BI.

The most unpleasant situation that can occur is that of an IT department not updated on the internal dynamics of the company. This situation would make it impossible to manage any problems or anomalies that could occur over time.

With Power BI, on the other hand, it is possible to centrally manage all company data.

And after collecting all the data? Meetings and briefs can be held by working on legible and modern reports.

For developers

The developers can not miss in our review of what Power BI and why it is an excellent tool to manage their business.

It’s music for their ears!

If you belong to this category, you can incorporate Power BI to websites, applications and portals, creating interactive dashboards that offer an exceptional user experience.

But the creativity of the developers knows no limits.

You also have the ability to create interactive visuals and customized data visualizations.

And it does not end here!

The real future is automation, which represents the Power BI present. Work plans, data updates and many other features can be automated to help the experts work and make it flawless.

All forms of Power BI

There are three versions offered:

  • Power BI service, i.e. software
  • Power BI Desktop, a downloadable desktop application
  • Power BI for mobile devices, which allows you to access an extremely responsive app with all the data on each Windows, iOS and Android device.

Because Power BI can help you make better decisions of Power BI

Now you should be clear what Power BI is and what potential it has.

But why should you choose him?

Many large companies have already relied on Power BI. First of all, the Power BI Desktop version is free. There is also a PRO version for those who decide to use it at the highest levels with a monthly fee.

In addition, Power Bi is constantly evolving.

Thanks to its community spread all over the world, it receives daily new ideas to improve and become more and more performing.

This adds to the positive sides that we have already explored, such as having all the data in one place, speeding up analysis times, using artificial intelligence to help users, perfect integration with Excel data and always analyzing real time.


Nobody knows better than you what the strategies to manage your business well are. However, there are tools that can help you make the best decisions, because they provide you with a complete and comprehensive picture of the whole situation.

Muhammad Asad Raza

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