Glass Railings

What Is Glass Railings and Its Applications

Do you want to know “What is glass railings?” this post is for you. Aside from being a popular material for luxury homes and commercial buildings, this railing is also used for guardrail systems. Many guardrail systems feature all-glass railings. Glass is easy to maintain and can be installed in high-traffic areas without any problems. Here we will tell you some of the more popular uses for glass railings.

All-glass Railings Are Trending In Today’s Luxury Homes

Glass railings are a popular way to add modern style to your home. Glass was initially used for internal partitioning. Still, soon it became the go-to material for architectural statements. Cultural elites quickly adopted glass screen railings in their homes. Glass railings are made of tempered safety glass that has been laminated to increase strength and durability. It can last decades and requires little maintenance.

Glass is a beautiful material for railings. It offers the ultimate design flexibility. Glass looks beautiful alone or in combination with other materials, and it blends beautifully with both contemporary and traditional settings. Although some people think Glass is fragile, it is a durable building material unaffected by rust, molds, and pests. The sleek, modern look of glass railings will make you feel luxurious and at home.

Post-Mounted Glass Railings

Greco provides the best stair and balcony glass railings. A post-mounted glass railings provides the utmost privacy. It is made to be easy to install yet sturdy enough to support the weight of a railing. This railing requires very little maintenance yet offers many customization options. For instance, the legato(TM) Railing Collection offers an affordable, frameless glass railing with an endless variety of customizations. 

You can easily integrate the ALX aluminum railing system with glass railings. It features lighted caps and comes in multiple colors and picket styles. Its knock-down kits and pre-welded panels make it easy to install. You can also mix it with the InvisiRail glass railing. This is an excellent solution for stairs. Depending on the style and color, you can also choose between handrails and railings.

Care For Glass Railings

Cleaning and maintenance of glass railings is a very simple task. You simply need a lint-free cloth and some vinegar and water to clean it. Alternatively, you can use newspaper and wipe away the excess moisture from glass railings. The vinegar-water solution is particularly good for exterior glass railings. After cleaning, wipe the glass railing dry with a clean cloth. After cleaning, applying the vinegar solution to avoid streaks or water spots is important.

Laminated glass railings are used in guardrail systems. 

First, annealed laminated Glass has a stiffer PVB interlayer, reducing deflection, weight, and thickness. Compared to monolithic annealed Glass, annealed laminated Glass shows similar static and dynamic loads behavior. Secondly, annealed laminated Glass is suitable for structural applications.

Finally, tempered and heat-strengthened Glass has certain requirements to ensure safety. The International Building Code calls for laminated Glass in handrails, and it specifies the thickness of the Glass in railing infill panels. The glazing thickness must be at least 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) and Greco provide this.

Final Words

Greco glass railings are easy to clean. It will be easy to clean all kinds of stains because of the high-quality material. You should use distilled or filtered water. If the stains are hard to remove, you can use a glass-safe cleaner or make a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. If the stain is stubborn, you can apply a squeegee to the pole extension and wipe the area.