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Cryptobase Bitcoin ATM Machine

What Is A Cryptobase Bitcoin ATM Machine?

The emergence of ancillary products is a natural phenomenon if any particular brand or concept becomes popular. Therefore, the availability of a Bitcoin ATM machine in your neighborhood for enabling crypto transactions is no big surprise. Considering the fact that more individuals feel comfortable dealing in cryptocurrency, you will come across more such Crypto ATM machines wherever you go. 

What is Crypto ATM Machines?

Trustworthy Bitcoin ATMs such as Cryptobase Bitcoin ATM Machine, let users sell and buy Bitcoins in a secret and secure environment. Although most of the BTC ATM machines permit users only to sell Bitcoins, the new versions of these machines have the capability to buy as well as sell Bitcoins by using cash. That is not all you can also transact a wide array of Cryptocurrencies by using the new generation Bitcoin ATMs such as Cryptobase ATM machine. 

Unlike conventional ATMs, the Crypto ATM has a secure web connection with Crypto exchanges and not with traditional banks that deal in fiat currencies. The safety of using the BTC ATM is driving the ATM business as a large number of these machines are making their mark across the state.

Working of Bitcoin ATMs

There are two significant steps for using a Crypto ATM. The first step involves identity verification. This step is crucial to establish that no unscrupulous elements are using these high-end machines. The identity verification process begins with entering your cell phone number.

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A verification code will appear on your phone. This four-digit number is your secret key to the ATM’s functionalities including selling and buying Bitcoins. 

Transacting Cryptocurrencies in a simple way

After logging into the Bitcoin ATM Machine by entering the secret code on your mobile number, you are set to use the machine for either buying or selling Bitcoins. If you are buying Bitcoins, then a QR code generates on the mobile after inserting the cash into ATM. Using the QR code you can easily get the crypto into your digital wallet without any hassles. 

In a similar manner, you can sell your Bitcoins and receive the cash as a fiat currency. Since there is no involvement of the bank, the entire transaction of Crypto ATM is through your mobile phone and the digital wallet only.

Safety of the Cryptobase Bitcoin ATM

While searching for ‘Bitcoin ATMs near me’, you need to make sure that you are going to choose a trusted ATM facility such as Cryptobase ATM. Unless you are transacting on an established ATM resource, you can never be sure of the safety and security.

Crptobase ATMs are trustworthy ATM facilities for selling and buying Cryptocurrencies of any type including Ethereum, LiteCoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash to name a few. These ATM resources do not ask you to share your bank details or credit and debit card numbers. Therefore you are in a secure environment whenever using a Cryptobase Bitcoin ATM. 


Cryptobase ATM is your trusted Bitcoin ATM resource, In spite of being easily accessible, these ATMs are extremely secure and easy to use. Moreover, you will also get responsive customer support whenever you ask for it.

Muhammad Asad Raza