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User not found on instagram
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What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram?

I am sure you also have an Instagram id and love using Instagram. However, sometimes when you try to reach out to a user’s id and you see a message written there: user not found on Instagram and it makes you irritated. Why this message comes up there are many reasons. We will see the reasons in this article in detail. Read the article till the end. 

What is the Meaning of ‘User Not Found on Instagram? 

If you are using Instagram on your phone then you will see user not found and if you are using it on a desktop then you will see this page is not available. When you see this error i.e. the Instagram user is not found means that the user whose profile you are trying to visit is unavailable to you. There are many reasons behind it that we are going to discuss below… 

Reasons Why the ‘User is not Found Error Occurs 

1. You Made an Error While Typing 

If you are typing the username manually and trying to reach an account then double-check the spelling. Maybe you have made some mistake while typing and because of it, you see the error message. 

2. Account Disabled

Instagram has a feature where it allows users to disable their accounts temporarily. In this way, you can temporarily disable your account without deleting it. When a user disables his account then other users on Instagram see this error message. Disabling an account is a great way if you want to take a break from social media and after some time, you can come back again. 

3. Changed Username 

Instagram allows you to change your username easily and if a person changes his username on Instagram and you are searching for him by his old username then you will see this error message on your screen. The solution is that you need to find his new username id if you want to reach out to his profile. 

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4. Account Banned or Suspended 

If a user has violated the terms and conditions of Instagram then Instagram automatically bans or suspends an account. Instagram bans an account for 48 hours but it can be permanent also according to the violation. 

5. The Account Has Been Blocked 

This is the common reason why you can reach out to a particular user id because he has blocked you. If your account has been blocked by a user then you will not able to reach out to him no matter how hard you try. 

6. The Account Has Been Deleted 

A user can temporarily disable his account but he can also choose to permanently delete it. If you delete your account all your information is also get deleted from the Instagram page. Therefore, if you are unable to find a particular account then the account may be no longer available on Instagram and you will see the message no user found on Instagram. 


I hope instead of getting frustrated now you can keep yourself calm if in the future you see this error on your screen because now you know the reasons. 

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