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What are the Differences between Chatbots and Live Chat?

The chatbot and live chats continue to expand in popularity. It makes sense since intelligent companies are always looking for ways to improve the user experience continually, and a great way is to offer top-notch customer support.

To compare chatbot vs. live chat, let’s see its definition and how customer service changes. People in a fast-paced lifestyle no longer have time to go to an office or branch to make arrangements or even call a telephone switchboard. Today, to improve the customer experience, all customer service forms are being redefined.

What is a Live Chat?

Live chats allow an operator to serve the customer instantly while the customer, for example, is making an online purchase. They are of great help since they will enable you to empathize with any doubt, no matter how complex it may be, since the agent is specialized.

What is a Chabot?

In recent times, Chatbots have emerged, which work in the same way for the client. But instead of being attended by agents, they are robots previously programmed with the most frequently asked questions. In this way, it is achieved that this software can respond to the consumer’s doubts in a matter of seconds using a previously programmed information bank.

Chatbot vs. Live chat: What advantages do intelligent assistants have?

The Live Chats are the kind of chats managed by agents. Although they are of great help, they have been questioned due to the lack of flexibility. In cases of schedule of the people who attend them and the long waiting time that a person can suffer while seeking to be heard by the operator. Therefore, it directly affects the customer experience perceived by the customer.

The Chatbots, at first, worked through a simple logic system in which, starting from a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). The developer programs different answers for each one of them. Nowadays, self-learning systems are being incorporated through artificial intelligence (A.I chatbots) such as machine learning. This artificial intelligence model allows an algorithm to learn automatically through user queries. In a few months of training, the system can get to know the slang of an area and respond to a large percentage of complex questions.

Undoubtedly, Chatbots have many advantages since they do not have waiting times, reducing friction with the client, and customers can consult them anytime. This allows time flexibility and represents a significant cost reduction for the company compared to live chat, which involves paying an operator’s salary. But chatbots do not always guarantee the best customer service. Let’s see in which cases we might be interested. 

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Customer Service in which Cases is it Interesting to Use a Chatbot or a Live chat?

Each type of chat has its advantages and disadvantages and can be adapted to each company depending on its service. For example, some companies are more interested in responding quickly to questions that may arise from their consumers since they handle a large volume of customers, which is usually the case for successful coaches, consultants, and service providers. While for other companies, due to the small number of clients, prefer to opt for more personalized communication and are more focused on solving doubts in an empathic and close way to offer a good service.

Within the current lifestyle, users seek to take advantage of the advantages that being in an interconnected world can offer. The use of applications can be a great advantage to perform many tasks while we are in the comfort of our homes. For this reason, the use of Chatbots can be a wise option in many cases since we can solve any problem quickly.


If we compare Chatbot vs. Live chat, both strategies can undoubtedly improve customer service, only that each one seeks to satisfy different demands. The Chatbot aims to meet time and efficiency requirements, while live chat seeks to meet the needs of customization, complexity, and customer experience.

If the company is process-oriented, it is best to have a Chatbot because it is much better and the response times and costs. But when the company is customer-centric, customer service is an essential factor to consider, and prices cannot justify a poor customer experience.

Therefore, depending on your company’s objective, it may require the services of one type or another of chat assistance. But it is advisable to find a balance between optimizing costs without compromising the perceived customer needs and experience. 

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