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VIVIDMAX Grip offers you a choice of five different colors at

Our one and only shoe, the VIVIDMAX grip is designed for comfort, support, protection, durability, and more. They’re an all-in-one, supportive shoe providing optimal traction with an anti-slip design, ideal for walkers and equally, those working in kitchens, hospitals, and similar environments.

The benefits of our shoes expand beyond this too, including numerous ventilation blocks, enhanced traction, and an easy to clean design. Oh, and you also have a choice of four different colors to choose from, including:

  • All Terrain Slippers Red clogs for women and men
  • Pink MAX GRIP clogs for women
  • Sports Mode Sky blue and lava pink clogs
  • Anti-slip Navy blue clogs for women and men 
  • Healthcare/Nurses All black clogs for women and men working in kitchens, and hospitals

A wide choice of colors

For starters, as previously touched upon, we have a wide choice of colors available, fitting your personality, and becoming a second skin to your feet, especially if you work long hours. However, alongside the different colors available, you’ll also receive a zip shoe bag – ideal for long muddy walks.

Whether gifting the VIVIDMAX or purchasing for yourself, rest assured knowing you have a wide choice of personalization, finding the ideal shoe for you.

Lightweight, durable, and supportive

The VIVIDMAX anti-slip grip shoes for women and men are lightweight, durable, and supportive. Made using soft materials, you’ll feel a spring in your step, whether your first step of the day or many, many more. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to look and feel your best day after day.

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Muhammad Asad Raza