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8 Veggies That Make Great Low-Calorie Bread Substitutes

Are you a fast-food lover? Do you want to eat your favorite fast foods every now and then but want to maintain your fitness too? In case the answer is yes, then you must be aware of the problem of maintaining fitness along with loving fast food.

Sandwiches are the perfect partner for your breakfast table. It is a quick meal that you can eat in a hurry in case you get late from the office. It is quite versatile in its use. You can put anything like thousand island sauce, jam of different flavors, boiled or fried chicken pieces, and egg between two pieces of bread and enjoy a quick delicious meal. The same is the case for burger bread.

But these pieces of bread contain a lot of calories, carbs, and other fatty materials that can ruin your fitness level. The only way you might think to maintain fitness while eating this junk food is to exercise on a regular basis. But there are certainly other possibilities. What is your opinion about using different kinds of vegetables instead of bread to make sandwiches and other related things?

These vegetables are definitely low in calories and can serve a variety of flavors as compared to the same taste of bread. Following are some vegetables that can replace bread in certain dishes.

1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are almost everyone’s favorite in either boiled or roasted form. Those who love to eat sandwiches for breakfast but are afraid of calories can use them in place of bread. Cut it into slices and you can either roast or fry these slices. Use them as bread pieces and place anything between them like fried eggs, etc.

2. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are iconic ingredients of fast foods and salads. These colorful peppers are used to add beauty to many dishes. But these are also used as bread replacements. Grill them and enjoy hot and sweet flavored sandwiches.

3. Eggplants

Eggplants are most famous due to the delicious curry made out of them. But other than that, it can also serve as bread in your kitchen. Cut it into slices and grill them on a light flame. Then you can put anything between these slices and enjoy a delicious sandwich. Add cheese, chipotle sauce, and mash potatoes between the slices to enjoy a perfect match.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are not an unknown thing for any one of you. But other than making gravy for most dishes it can also be used as sandwich bread. Boiled or fried eggs make the perfect match when placed between grilled tomatoes. This delicious burger can be enjoyed any time.

5. Cucumbers

Iconic ingredient of salad and best partner of street foods, cucumber can also be used as a great material to ditch the bread. With almost zero amount of calories, this is the perfect bread replacement to enjoy delicious sandwiches. Cut into slices, or simply cut it half from the center and remove the seeds and soft part of the cucumber. Then fill it with any filling and enjoy delicious cucumber rolls.

6. Lettuce

Lettuce is used in many street foods after cutting it into thin slices. But it can also be used as bread to make bread rolls. Take a full leaf of lettuce and place the filling material of your choice on it. After that roll it in the form of rolls and enjoy with your favorite sauces.

7. Cabbage

This is an identical item to lettuce and can be used in the same regard as well. The method to use it as a replacement for bread is similar to that of lettuce. You can place chicken, eggs, potatoes, etc. along with ketchup and wrap it in the form of a roll. You can eat it raw or fry or grill it as well.

8. Carrot

Use it in the same manner as cucumber at the place of bread. You should roast it or grill it to make your sandwich soft. Now you can enjoy your favorite sandwiches without worrying about calories as the above vegetables are ready to serve you in this regard.

There you got it! The next time you’re making a sandwich or any other snack, add one or two of these veggies and make it healthier food. 

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