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Understanding Gin Better

Mojito garnished with mint and limes.

Gin is known for its versatility, making it a perfect fit for the cocktail culture. Its adaptable flavour makes it ideal to be infused with any cocktail. Its distillation and processing mechanism result in different tastes, tones, and strengths. You can try MOUNTAIN gin which is available in a wide range of flavours created by botanical infusions. So, are you up for experimenting with your drink? Why not try Gin? Here is a little insight into why you would love drinking gin and wish you had known these facts earlier.

Types of Gin

The most common types of Gin available are distilled gin and redistilled gin. Another much cheaper type of Gin is the compound gin obtained by mixing juniper berry extract and neutral spirit to create flavour. Apart from the three common types of Gin, there are also other popular styles available. For example, London Gin is another type of Gin that follows strict regulations during the production process. It has a predominant flavour of juniper berries with no added sugar. Other types of Gin include Plymouth Gin, Bathtub Gin, Genever, Old Tom Gin, and Navy Strength Gin which has its uniqueness and process of making. 

Love for cocktails

Who does not love a nice cocktail?  And Gin is the best choice for a perfect cocktail due to its high adaptability. Gin is prepared by distilling neutral grains like barley or wheat and juniper berries or other botanicals like licorice, orris, cassia, coriander, and other herbs.

The more contemporary gins like the MOUNTAIN gin give a unique touch using a variety of leaves and flowers. Hence, the flavours of Gin, ranging from fruity to citrus to floral, make endless options for cocktails. You can mix Gin in any neutral drink or a martini. It will help you understand the effect of Gin on glass and the elevation of different flavours. 

Like it neat?

You may not be one of those who have a liking for cocktails. So, you can have it neat. Many gins are available in the market that can be taken neat. You can find Gin in different flavours with hints of cardamom, cinnamon, or citrus flavours, and if you do not want to miss the distinctive flavour profiles by mixing it with other drinks, you can enjoy it your way. London Dry Gin could be an excellent way to start; it has a crisp and clean taste with a botanical blend of linden blossoms and apples. You could also go for the Mediterranean gin that lends a zesty flavour made with Italian herbs. 

Experiment with colours and temperatures

You can find colourful gins to experiment within the hues of violet, pink, red, and blue, depending on how it is distilled. For example, Gin with butterfly pea flower extract gives it a pink or dark blue tone, while raspberries, strawberries, grape skins, rhubarb, and rose petals create a pinkish hue. 

You can also add variation to your drink by playing with its temperature. The texture of gin changes upon freezing, making it dense and thicker. The Gin’s flavour profile opens up as it gets warm, creating a more nuanced drinking experience for you. 

There is a wide range of gins available, and you can enjoy them in any way you want. However, it might take some experimentation to understand your preference, and in no time, it can become the go-to drink for any mood.