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Ultimate Guide about Holographic Packaging Industries (2022 Updated)

One of the most mind-blowing things about Holographic is their ability to create incredible illusions. Holographic are 3D images that can be seen from every angle and furthermore, they are able to produce movements that don’t require any other form of support.

So how does the customization happen?

The custom Holographic box usually starts with a measurement kit sent by email or fax which you can use to calculate the size and weight of your product (usually including empty space).  Once you have the measurements, the custom Holographic box is created using a CAD program and printed on high-tech materials.

Custom Holographic boxes make for virtually any size and shape.  While most custom holographic boxes make to fit standard sized products, you can also create your own with popular sizes such as 30mm x 30mm x 30mm (1″x1″x1″) which is enough room to produce a tag that is 4.5″ tall and 3.75” wide.

Packaging Solutions

All of holographic packaging solutions are guaranteed to meet the needs of your project and have a number of different uses. The custom holographic box use for products, corporate promotions, events, prizes, and awards, or any other product that needs to be protected.

The custom Holographic Packaging is usually produced with the top flap sealed in order to allow for enough surface area for the 3D image.  This means that the Holographic is easily attached to each individual product, if the product requires more protection, then the custom Holographic box is sealed in a bag, blister pack, or folding card.

The Holographic lash boxes often use for products that have rigid edges such as toys and PC games.  The Holographic usually place in the center of the container and on top of a plastic blister pack.  This allows for both enough room for security seals and holographic labels without interfering with game play.

How do Holographic Packaging Boxes work?

Holographic can be created in a number of ways, but the most common is by using laser interference of scattering techniques. There are two basic steps in producing a holographic bag recording and then displaying the image.

The Most Popular Holographic Custom Eyelash Packaging - CALECHE LASHES

Sometimes multiple types of Holographic are built into one box, this is done to create a more complex experience for the customer.  For example, an illusion of transparency is produced by making the front side of the box appear transparent from one angle and opaque from another.

While in theory, it is possible to create a Holographic of any shape. Holographic is usually made using a rectangular or square box.   This allows for the maximum image to be created on the screen and also makes it easy to fit into shipping containers.

The process of creating a holographic box generally starts with a CAD drawing of the product or container that you wish to create.  Once complete, it is print out onto transparent material and then moved into a machine.


Holographic packaging boxes have many advantages


  • They are able to create stunning illusions
  • Made from weather-resistant materials
  • They are difficult to counterfeit
  • Come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and designs
  • Made digitally means that there is no physical limit on what designs you can use.

Holographic printing use in everything from police badges to product packaging.  Holographic use for security and decoration for over 3,000 years. The first Holographic created by Gary Aros and William J. Gaines in the early 1950’s.

Today Holographic are everywhere from credit cards to USB sticks.  The really amazing thing about holographic printing is that the image is actually made with interference patterns, so the image will continue to look correct when placed at an angle or in a different light.  While replication of holographic images is possible. It is much easier to use them as a security or marketing tool because there isn’t really any way to replicate them at home.

Marketing and branding can be accomplished through Holographic Packaging:


  • High Impact Security: Holographic used to generate a strong visual security factor such as police badges, fire safety signs, and official seals
  • Security: Holographic used for protection, for example, key tags for security buildings like banks, computers, and banknotes.
  • Product Marketing: Holographic is often using to create product marketing such as holographic stickers on promotional materials.
  • Customizable Corporate Promotion: You are able to create new logos, designs, and marketing materials using Holographic. This is particularly useful for unique branding.
  • Event Promotion: Holographic used at special events to promote your brand, these can also be fully customized.
  • Product Education: While it may not look like much, a hologram can still educate the user on the product. For example, brand point of sale cards that teach staff product information and instructions.

Add Additional Features to Your Stickers:


If you need some extra space then additional holes add to the Holographic stickers.  If you just want to put a sticker onto a product where there is some empty space then consider using the scatter hologram method.  The scatter technique involves placing small dots of holographic material around the empty area. This creates an illusion of depth in the empty space.

Holographic Stickers - Free & Fast Delivery in the US | Sticker it

Holograms are also ideal for use in conjunction with electronic paper and other flexible electronic displays.

Holographic effects have many more uses than just promotional items.  They used to add effects to TV, movie, and stage shows.  Even making it appear as though ghosts and monsters are coming out of the screen.



With the new technological developments in printing. It is possible for companies to print full-color holographic images to almost any surface.  Holographic printing allows for 3 Dimensional images to print. Allowing you to use images of a much higher quality than with normal printing methods.  While it is still a relatively new technique and costs more than normal printing. It is already in use by many companies across the globe.  Holographic printing is the perfect tool for companies. Looking to provide a more sophisticated and stylish way of promoting their brands.

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