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Types of Virtual Events To Try In 2021
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Types of Virtual Events To Try In 2021

2020 has seen an exponential rise in the use and popularity of virtual events. Industries, organizations, and communities that formerly shied away from organizing virtual events now can’t seem to get enough of it.

Companies did not simply switch to virtual events, they studied various pathways available in the huge virtual world ad selected multiple paths to execute them successfully. It has cleared the way for the evolution of a variety of virtual events.

Take a look at the top 12 virtual events that can be organized in 2021.

Types of Virtual Events

  1. Virtual Conferences
  2. Virtual Trade Shows
  3. Virtual Summits
  4. Virtual Exhibitions
  5. Virtual Fairs
  6. Virtual Sessions
  7. Virtual Meetups
  8. Virtual Product Launches
  9. Hybrid Events
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Virtual Training

Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences, like offline conferences, are organized around a detailed schedule and structure that allows them to accommodate many live speakers, multiple keynotes, sessions, and even exciting breakout sessions. These allow guests to see essential parts of the event while allowing two-way contact with other attendees and presenters.

Virtual Trade Shows

Taking tradeshows online has transcended the geographical limitations of a physical event, allowing significant corporations to launch and showcase their products to other businesses from all over the world, therefore expanding visibility and reach. Exhibitors may submit films, demos, material, and more, while attendees can engage in live chat rooms and Q&A sessions to connect and offer real-time feedback.

Virtual Summits

How can you bring together industry leaders or CXOs in the middle of a global pandemic to discuss and give insights to a particular audience? The solution is to have virtual summits. These give leaders opportunities worldwide to share ideas, engage in meaningful discussions and deliver thought leadership material. Virtual Summits are excellent for a limited number of industry participants who can interact with speakers in real-time via virtual chatbots, chatrooms, and other means.

Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual Exhibitions give the ideal venue for organizations to exhibit their products to a large, worldwide audience without exceeding their budget since most businesses strive to improve reach and profit. Attendees may be engaged and informed about services using live chat capabilities powered by a dynamic 3D environment with stalls and booths, allowing quick and relevant lead generation.

To be able to effectively generate leads for your business after this virtual exhibition is to create a follow-up video campaign. The advantage of using video campaigning is that it can be engaging and can easily attract the attention of the customers that are already somewhat interested in your products after it being showcased in a virtual exhibition. You can use an automation tool like Cloud Kennect prospecting software to customize each of the video messages to create better relationships with potential customers. This automation tool will also allow you to know how many people watched the video, how many times they watched the video, and how long these were watched thus giving you an insight into the success of your marketing campaign.

Virtual Fairs

Keep your customers and consumers engaged with your services, even from home. Businesses may display their items from a virtual stall to a virtual audience via Virtual Fairs. Exhibitors may use chatbots to share information and have discussions, promote new services, and even make real-time sales to a larger audience through e-commerce platforms, expanding income opportunities.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions were immensely popular even before COVID-19 shifted the world online, especially among organizations with employees and offices spread around the globe. These allow organizations to conduct lectures, debates, training, and more with the same networking, engagement, and feedback benefits of an entire session but without the associated expenditures.

Virtual Meetups

Online or virtual meetings, like digital media, are becoming the preferred medium for connecting, discussing, and sharing with like-minded people from the comfort and safety of their homes. These meetings are excellent for small groups of individuals who may either register or attend by invitation only, thanks to platforms for video conferencing, streaming, and real-time interactions.

Virtual Product Launches

What better time to research the advantages of an online launch for a new product than now? Businesses may expand the reach of their product to a broader audience in a time and cost-effective manner with a Virtual Product Launch. Stream the launch live with presentations and product demos, engage potential customers in discussion forums and polls, and give them resources like downloadable files, brochures, and videos, among other things.

Hybrid Events

As the title suggests, Hybrid Events blend the worlds of live and virtual events to provide the best to a diverse audience. In the current environment, where in-person attendance must be limited for safety reasons, Hybrid Events ensures that your online audience, in addition to your physical audience, may have an immersive, unique, and engaging experience from their private places.


If your company wants to hold a lecture for many people worldwide, Webinars are the ideal option. Organizations can use them to host a well-known speaker who delivers and presents a topic live and promote two-way engagement via chat forums or audio. These are also recordable, downloadable, and shareable.

Virtual Workshops

Going virtual with a highly interactive event such as a workshop may seem tricky, but many organizations are now opting for it. With the innovative use of virtual breakout rooms, gamification, interactive polls, and more, these skill-based training events may deliver an immersive experience to participants worldwide.

Virtual Training

Businesses or organizations may continue to organize training sessions for their people who work remotely by taking the principles of offline training and replicating the same experience through a virtual or simulated platform. These live sessions allow participants and trainers to converse and mix different platforms such as webinars, sessions, and e-learning for a hands-on experience.

Virtual events have endless possibilities. However, virtual events may never entirely replace the face-to-face connection, networking possibilities, or continual engagement that physical events bring. So, if you’re ready to go virtual with your event, Almond VIRTEX‘s various features, skilled staff, and immersive experience will take care of you and your event.

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