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Trucks scams and frauds – Tips and information to avoid them

Scams are known to target women and men of all ages, income levels, and social statuses nationwide. Nobody is perhaps more susceptible to getting defrauded than another, yet we are all vulnerable at one point or another. When it comes to trucks, scams and frauds abound. It is important to be aware of them so you don’t become a victim of one. Here are some tips and information to help you avoid falling victim:

Be careful with ACH transfer

ACH transfer is a payment method in which you transfer the money electronically to the other person. The person also receives the payment electronically. Once you have sent the vehicle to the buyer, he might claim the money and say that the transfer was unauthorized. In this, the fraudster will keep the truck and the money. Therefore, if you are receiving the payment through a card, make sure that the buyer is trustworthy.

Stay vigilant with your bank account

Another common technique that fraudsters do is that they ask you to enter your credentials and ask for your phone. They assure you that they will transfer the payment to your bank account. But instead of transferring you the payment, they will take money from your account. So, if the buyer wants you to enter your credentials, stay vigilant. 

Post payments

Try to take the payment before you send the truck or at the time of handing it over. In most fraud cases, buyers tell you that they will pay you in the future. They will make excuses of float loans or the next paycheck. In such situations, it is better to wait and keep the vehicle in your possession until you get the payment. 


Sometimes, the buyer will send you a cashier’s check that is clearly showing that he has paid you more than you asked for your truck. Once they have made an overpayment, they will ask you to return the overage. In these cases, the cashier’s check is fake and the money you will send them is from your own account. In this way, they will keep your truck and take money from your account. If you receive any checks, make sure that it’s not fake.  

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Muhammad Asad Raza