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Tricks and Tips to Increase Your Speed in a Bank PO Exam

The Bank PO Exam is set up so that a candidate has just one minute to answer each question. Additionally, you must achieve the required marks in each section. If you are studying at the best banking coaching in Delhi to prepare for competitive exams, make sure that your tutors are assisting you to increase your speed in reading and calculation. 

Calculation Speed

During the Bank PO Exam, calculation speed is crucial. A candidate’s chances of performing well in the entrance test are better when they have greater speed ability. Imagine how engaging, enjoyable, and simple math will be for you when you can complete any calculation in a matter of seconds. Here are some tips to help you with the quicker calculation:

1. Seek Clarifications

Keeping the fundamentals and concepts clear is the first step. This facilitates speedy math problem resolution because the student will have the solution at the tip of their tongue. To better solve the question paper and pass the Bank PO exam, make sure you have a solid understanding of each specific category of sums.

2. Be Thorough with Basic Formulae

Sums of the mathematical problems must be entered into formulas in order to be solved. Thus, mastering the various formulas will enable quick problem-solving. Before beginning the problem-solving process, learn the formulas.

As a result of their inability to remember these calculations, the majority of students typically waste time trying to solve short, quick calculations. Learning at least the first 25 tables as well as how to calculate squares and cubes will greatly speed up the process of finding the solutions.

3. Use Approximation Techniques

Long problem sums are a component of the Bank PO exam. Long calculations are required to solve them as well. Since accuracy can be increased by almost ten times using approximation techniques, no one can stop students from succeeding in their studies and passing their exams. Simply request assistance from your IBPS coaching institute with these methods.

Reading Speed

When you are taking the Bank PO exam, it may be advantageous for you to read the question paper more quickly than the other students in the exam room. Any reputable Bank PO Coaching Institute will advise you to use this tactic.

If you have quick eyesight, you might be able to quickly read through and answer every question on the test. Reading more quickly boosts your mental attitude and improves your exam performance. Here are three steps you can take to quicken your reading:

1. Increase Eye Span

Eye span is the maximum number of words that can be read by your eyes in a single glance. You can read the Bank PO Exam question paper more quickly the longer your eye span is. Use your Bank PO Coaching to help you lengthen your eyesight. Control it.

2. Use Pointers

Use your fingers as pointers on the lines as you read. This is a useful method for reading quickly and intently. Your eyes can follow pointers quickly, allowing you to read lines more quickly.

3. Keep Practicing

A student’s chances of speeding up and achieving greater precision in answering challenging problems, analytical questions, and reasoning questions increase the more they practise various types of sums. While you are getting ready for the exam at the best banking coaching in Delhi, practise as many questions as you can for as many hours as you can.These should make it easier for students to find quick solutions to problems, and they should learn more challenging advice from their IBPS Coaching Institute in Delhi. Gather advice from your tutors well in advance of starting your exam preparation if you want to do well on the test.

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