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Traditional Newspapers vs Internet News

As more and more people get their news from the internet, traditional newspapers are struggling to stay afloat. Newspapers have been around for centuries, but it’s clear that they can’t compete with the internet when it comes to getting the most up-to-date information out there. Although newspapers still have their place in society, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to survive in today’s world. What makes the internet so appealing?

News on the internet is updated consistently. Whether it’s a simple news flash or a full-blown blog, up-to-date news is only a click away. Traditional newspapers are often published several times per day, but they can’t provide information like blogs or twitter feeds do.

For example, if someone were to read the newspaper tomorrow morning they would most likely be reading about what happened yesterday; there’s no way for them to get today’s news. On the other hand, websites like Twitter and Facebook keep their users up-to-date on current events that happen throughout the day. Just by checking in once it’s possible to know what is going on with the world without having to buy multiple newspapers.

The internet has become so popular because it covers topics that traditional newspapers don’t even touch on anymore. Since online news sites cover anything under the sun, people are able to get their news on subjects that are important to them.

This is exactly what the internet has done for current events as well. With major political elections quickly approaching, it’s important to know what is going on. The only way to do this without being chained to a certain set of newspapers or magazines is by surfing the net. People who don’t have time to read multiple traditional news sources still have the option of checking out online news sites and blogs which cover politics in depth. Not only do these provide detailed information about what’s going on, they also offer unique insight from different perspectives.

Traditional newspapers cover topics based on ratings while internet news provides more depth and range in topics covered. A newspaper will typically pick the most provocative stories to keep their readers interested while neglecting the ones that are not as popular. On the other hand, internet news sites can provide coverage on a huge variety of topics including ones that are perhaps unpopular but still extremely important.

The vast amount of information available on the internet creates an environment where it’s easy to get more in-depth coverage on anything under the sun. This is what keeps people coming back for more day after day. Traditional newspapers don’t have this option because there just isn’t enough room in their pages to cover what they’d like to.

Advertising on traditional newspaper still exists while internet news is free and mostly advertising-free and eloraadvertiser can help you with advertising in newspapers. Although newspapers can’t compete with the efficiency or range of information that people get from the internet, they still have a powerful source at their disposal: advertisements. Readers may dislike the long paragraphs about ads in traditional newspapers but they still read them because it’s part of what keeps them alive. Also, still newspaper has some other purpose too like if you want to change your name in India legally you need to follow strict rules wherein you are supposed to give a name change ad in a newspaper to get your name changed officially.

Online news sites make up for their lack of income by not forcing readers to sit through ad after ad after ad. It’s possible to go onto a site like CNN and read an entire article without being interrupted by anything else other than maybe a banner that takes up a small part of the screen. This gives online news a huge advantage over regular newspapers because it makes browsing much more enjoyable and less frustrating.

Even if there were no advertisements on traditional newspapers, their online counterparts would still be much more efficient and appealing. People like to know what’s going on day in and day out, not just when it happens to catch their attention for a few minutes before they move onto the next thing that comes along.

The internet is changing how we view current events and influencing people in ways that even the most powerful force in the world, money , can’t do alone.


Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal