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Track Your Containers With A Smart Container Tracking Tool

When cargo is loaded to sail and leaves the warehouse to deliver the shipment overseas, it can be tricky to locate your shipment’s whereabouts and current status. Container tracking used to be an arduous and frustrating experience for many trade and commerce industries.


But with advancements in technology, and hence in the shipping industry, various innovative tracking tools have made it easy to precisely track my container’s location. This is all possible through container tracking software.


Tracking software allows you to track the current location of your shipment on the world map and is used extensively by several businesses, logistics, and postal services since it helps them track all their international shipments.


Learn more about why container tracking has become essential in today’s world to make the shipment processes faster, secure, and efficient.

How container tracking works

A container tracking service, also called a freight management system or a freight forwarding system, automates the processes of freight forwarding.


Container tracking accomplishes this by:


  1. Receiving and consolidating shipping data from the parties and carriers involved in your shipment
  2. Applying that data to your shipment’s logistics (i.e., prepare it for pickup or delivery)
  3. Maintaining records of your shipment’s progress
  4. Delivering the information to your parties involved in the shipment (i.e., carrier, consignee)


Container tracking systems first consolidate the shipping data of multiple carriers and parties into a single, comprehensive tracking solution. Many container tracking services now offer additional functionality, including shipment notifications, fleet management, and exception reporting.

Benefits of container tracking software

Container tracking software provides businesses with a software tool to help track and monitor the progress of their goods. It records the movement of containers from storage to production and delivery, as well as any product changes along the way.

The tracking software can also improve the quality of data and help businesses track the movement of their goods in real-time. Businesses can then integrate this data with shipping data, which helps them run better operations. Moreover, it can also help improve efficiency by providing better solutions for companies to transport their goods, which can translate into better delivery times.

Terminal 49’s innovative tracking solution

Recently, Terminal 49’s API tracking tool took container tracking to a new high level. Developed and launched in 2015, it has already helped thousands of shipments get to their destinations and saved thousands of dollars.


Terminal 49’s API tracking tool provides an innovative, faster, and efficient way to track your shipments in real-time and stay updated with their whereabouts. The tracking tool connects with any logistics provider’s API so that you can track shipments in real-time. All major logistics providers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL are supported.


Tracking IDs are simple strings of letters and numbers corresponding to specific containers and shipments. The Terminal 49 API tool will automatically update the tracking information every time a carrier updates it, so you always have the latest information.


You can set up notifications for incoming shipments so you know exactly when your containers are on the move. The API tool also lets you filter your shipments by weight so that you can track the containers and shipments individually.


This smart and innovative tool offers even more advantages. By using this tool, you can set up multiple integrations with logistics providers and synchronize multiple shipments at once. For the more technically inclined, the API tool has detailed documentation that explains how every part of the system works.


Following are the highlighted features of this new tracking tool:


  • Real-time tracking of freight containers
  • Supply chain control and management
  • Better cargo security
  • Simplified and automated visibility dashboard
  • Theft control and prevention of loss of goods
  • Prevention of additional costs
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