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tourism or hospitality management

Which is better, tourism or hospitality management?

Both hospitality and tourism are sectors that are immensely popular and promise an exciting career that is full of opportunities. When it comes to deciding which field is better than it all boils down to personal preference. There are several benefits that both tourism and hospitality have- professionally and personally. 

If you are keen to pursue a career in this sector then you can opt for a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management. To clear your confusion between the two, here is a detailed analysis of the two. 

Why choose hospitality?

Hospitality is an industry that offers a lot of exposure and allows you to work in a multicultural environment. You can work in a hotel, restaurant, resort or spa and meet countless new people from around the world. 

This internationalism also reaches the sort of people you work with, which is your colleagues who can be from different places as well. This means an early introduction to a multicultural work set-up where people from different backgrounds work together. 

Growth in this sector 

While working in hospitality you will encounter a dynamic work set-up that will bring out your inner leadership qualities. Each day brings something new and while troubleshooting technical competencies or answering customer queries, you have to be quick on your feet. 

Learning to take charge of every situation is necessary in the hospitality sector and it helps in developing you professionally and personally. By being committed to your job, you improve your professional skills and rise higher in your career. 

There are numerous job roles in hospitality and you can choose one as per your skillset and preference. From an executive chef to a front office manager or even a marketing and public relationship manager, the choices are many. 

Why choose tourism?

Tourism has one thing in common with hospitality as it is equally dynamic and offers a charged atmosphere. This is a global sector that impacts people around the world which means you will get to work with those who share the same passion and come across customers from around the world. 

This sector will give you immense exposure as you will get to enjoy new and interesting experiences. You will also learn a lot in terms of work and also on a personal level as you will constantly interact and deal with a variety of clients from different backgrounds. 

Growth in this sector 

Tourism is also a vast industry that has its reach around the world. There are numerous job opportunities that it offers and you can also choose to work anywhere in the world. While tourism has mainly to do with travel, it also encompasses education, marketing, history and cultural awareness. 

It imbibes in a person various transferable skills that help them stand out and makes them competent for job roles in other sectors too. Also, tourism does not limit you to a certain job role. While you can go for a desk-based profile of a travel agent, you will still not have a monotonous job. You can also opt for being a holiday planner, a cruise ship staff, cabin crew member or even a diver.  Studying hospitality and management gives you a much deeper understanding of these two sectors that despite being different are highly interrelated. During the program, you can make a more carefully considerate decision of what aligns better with your competencies.  

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