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Top Success Stories In Digital Marketing & E-Commerce To Inspire You

Whether you’re just getting started in digital marketing or a seasoned veteran wanting to improve your existing e-commerce firm, it’s critical to keep your skills up to date. Learning from the triumphs of other entrepreneurs and marketers is one of the most acceptable ways to do this!

We’ve gathered top of the most inspiring e-commerce digital marketing success stories we could discover. Continue reading to get inspired and learn tried-and-true marketing methods in your approach. Read more about 7 wonders city.

Top Inspiring Digital Marketing Case Studies Offer Successful pieces of Advice.

Traveller Collective

This company is an excellent example of social media marketing. Traveller Collectives engraved rings represent every country on the globe. Travelers may collect them to wear on a clip or necklace, with a portion of the proceeds going to a good cause.

Over ten thousand people have purchased traveller Collective items from over a hundred countries, and their success may be ascribed to their usage of social media. To begin, they’ve determined which social media channels are appropriate for their target demographic. They have a Twitter account, but they know that their ideal clients spend more time on Facebook and, specifically, Instagram, so they focus their efforts there.

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Of course, the fact that the product and brand concept was created with social sharing in mind helps. Instagram has invariably been a place where individuals share their travel adventures and feel like they’re a part of a larger community. Traveller Collective is no exception to the rule that successful company ideas are increasingly developed from the ground up with Instagram in mind.

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Bushwick Kitchen

This spicy sauce firm, formerly known as MixedMade, began as a 30-day small business challenge for Casey Elsass and Morgan Newman. Their debut product, honey-laced with chili flakes, garnered $170,000 in sales in just ten months. They broadened their product range and renamed Bushwick Kitchen after demonstrating that this could be a viable business.

So, how did they get those first few sales? First, they built up a simple internet store consisting of a single product page with manipulated product graphics (which didn’t exist yet) and a price based on their expected costs. After creating the goods, they launched email marketing to 400 friends and chose contacts, using a very casual and seductive tone.

A prolonged press effort was responsible for the majority of their sales. Bees Knees Spicy Honey was mentioned in blog postings on gastronomic blogs including Kitchen, Grub Street, and Uncrate, resulting in a 500% surge in sales. Casey aimed to form real, mutually beneficial connections with his media contacts. He also made it as simple as possible for them to create excellent content marketing by sending ready-made material – he’d offer photographs and narrative ideas and recommended wording!

Sight Glasses

You’ve never discovered this one, but if you know anything about eCommerce, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Shopify platform.

Shopify employees are often challenged to create eCommerce businesses from the ground up. Given that these individuals are working full-time to become specialists in commerce shops and digital marketing tactics, the rest of us may learn a lot from how they handle these issues.

One such difficulty led to the creation of Sight Glasses. Corey Ferreira made over $2,000 selling blue-light filtering spectacles to gamers in just five weeks. He did so by employing various digital marketing strategies, including running re-targeting advertisements on Facebook, one of the most effective ways to recover purchases lost due to cart abandonment.

The best aspect about this case study is that it was written by Corey himself, who went into great detail about everything from product selection to design, ad campaigns, and things he would have done better. It’s also worth reading Richard Lazezzera’s in-depth story of how he established apparel firm Finch Goods, which a member writes of the Shopify Growth Team.

Which case study has the most significant impact on you? Which digital marketing methods do you think will be effective for your e-commerce company?

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