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Top Social Media Marketing Strategies For Platform like Talabat

Today, every business sector has shifted to the digital paradigm due to the increased penetration of mobile phone usage. Undoubtedly, every segment has gained demand due to the apps brought among users. But the use for a specific category of solutions varies on the basis of different geographic locations.

If you consider the global food delivery vertical, then by observing the current growth, it is expected to hit a revenue of $1.45 trillion by 2027, as per the 2022 report. Especially the meal ordering market has increased to a great level after the COVID-19 pandemic. Most needs for food delivery came from the Middle Eastern region, where numerous apps have raised their names by grabbing the opportunity of such requirements being generated. 

Players in the Middle Eastern food delivery sector which contributed to satisfying the requirements of users efficiently are Deliveroo, Careem, Talabat, Uber Eats, etc. All of them earned decent popularity, but Talabat proved itself to be an exception, achieving massive fame across all MENA regions. If we analyze the recent install figures, then it has received 300k downloads according to 2022 sources. 

Social media is one of the significant contributors, fetching a colossal user base towards its application. If you too are inspired to build Talabat like platform for your business, then you can by contacting the development partners. But after receiving it created from them, you must follow some social media strategies mentioned in the below section. Referring to it will help you gain specific benefits discussed in this post.

Social Media Marketing Strategies To Check Out For Talabat like App

Once when you receive Talabat like solution developed, you must know to utilize the social media platforms to attract traffic and boost your business. So the various social marketing strategies are stated below. Following them will help you fetch a large audience engaged on such platforms.

Enter Every Information Regarding Your Business

If you, as a startup owner, don’t have a social page for your venture, then create one with the same name as of business. The task is not yet over, utilize every section of your social media page and fill it up with numerous details regarding your venture. You can enter various information such as the type of enterprise you are running, the Email ID of your venture, your restaurant’s address, an app installation link, and other basic details. It will help your customers to contact you, for reaching out to your eatery easily, and also help you receive more users on your Talabat like application.

Frequently Post Photos and Videos

People are always eager and would like to know the variety of dishes you offer to them from your eatery. Add posts in the form of videos within shorter intervals. You can post images and videos displaying various information regarding your business that social users are keen to know about. It includes infographics of deals/discounts/offers, pictures of sizzling food items, decorated dishes, etc. Such posts can tempt users to utilize your application or visit your restaurant.

Use Ample Hashtags

It is a helpful technique for driving consumers to use your platform or visit the eatery. Make your customized hashtags and stuff them in every post. They would help you in gaining followers organically and would assist your business in becoming trendy in no time as it will get noticed by active users of social media, as such platforms respond well to such content added within.

Run Contests For Social Users

Performing this activity can help you know the actual users interested to learn more about your venture. Putting a freebie like a quiz/contest on social media will increase the customer interaction ratio for your business. Providing them with food items/vouchers as rewards from such contests will assist new consumers in trying out your eatery, and your enterprise might receive loyal customers if they like your restaurant’s food. 

Promotions Through Influencers

Influencers can prove to be a suitable option for promoting your enterprise through various social platforms. You can likely grab an advantage to market your solution via influencers with massive fan bases. So paying influencers a certain amount for promoting your business will help you spread awareness about your venture among the significant users following them. Social media users get inspired through particular influencers for using your platform.

Thus, after create an app like Talabat from technology partners, you, as a startup owner, can promote your platform through social media in the ways mentioned above. Now, what are the specific benefits you receive in your venture by utilizing social media are discussed in the next section.

Perks of Using Social Media For Talabat similar Platform

Using social media to promote and market the business might have some positives. Which are those? Referring to each of them stated below will motivate you to utilize social media for your venture.

Huge Audience Pool

Compared to promotions through banners and advertisement boardings, using social media would assist your business in attracting new consumers effectively and utilizing your solution. Nowadays, most smartphone users are busy on social platforms; as per statistics of 2022, about 59% of the worldwide population uses social media, which equals 4.70 billion people worldwide, and 227 million newly joined in the last year. So, using such applications to market your restaurant will help it in fetching a large audience towards your solution.  

Enhanced Searchability

Users find it easy to search for anything present on social media. So, by utilizing social applications for your business, you can likely improve the searchability and reachability of your solution. In addition, it will boost the number of users of your platform as they can download the app using a link for the same you have placed on the social media page of your venture. Hence, it will help you enhance your application’s searchability in such a way. If users like the usage, then you might gain a significant number of followers and help your enterprise turn into a brand among users, which would lift the rank of your solution in search results shown to users.

Higher User Trustability

Your application can earn people’s trust to a significant level through social media applications. Creating your business page on social platforms will nominate the need for customer care among users, as they can post various queries regarding your venture. Responding to them to clear their issues will help your venture gain users’ trust and will push them to utilize your Talabat similar solution. 


You might be aware of the demand for food delivery apps all over, especially in the Middle Eastern region. Among the numerous players in the meal ordering segment in the particular location, Talabat has topped the sector holding a maximum market share. The social media strategies of Talabat have played a significant role in raising its demands among people considerably. Therefore, if you have received a platform similar to Talabat ready, then you can follow several social marketing strategies and get some perks of using social media for your business, as mentioned in this post. It will help your business achieve significant fame and a reputed position in the meal delivery sector.

Muhammad Asad Raza