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Business Intelligence

Top Business Intelligence (BI) Tool Recommendations

Business intelligence tools are solutions that contribute to quick and timely decision-making through the detailed analysis of the data collected by the company. This information is simply data without any value until the moment in which it is transformed into actual knowledge and facilitates the design of personalized and directed actions.

Thus, Business Intelligence tools become a forceful weapon to differentiate from the competition by facilitating the use of the situation and business opportunities. Also, from developing new products and targeted marketing campaigns to implementing innovative organizational practices and the confrontation of threats.

8 Complete Business Intelligence tools

The benefits of business intelligence tools are many and varied. Among the main ones is the possibility of transforming raw data with no apparent value into meaningful and valuable information for the company.

Likewise, this automation of data collection, monitoring, and analysis helps free up working hours destined for the manual execution of the processes above. And, therefore, increases the productivity of your employees. On the other hand, the complete tools also provide predictive and benchmarking reports, among other possibilities.

Business intelligence software will allow you to manage your company more efficiently. It will also help you obtain maximum performance in different processes. You have to choose the tool that best suits your company’s needs.

If you want to discover the best Business Intelligence tools on the market, pay attention to the list of solutions that we show below.

Zoho Analytics

Among the most used Business Intelligence tools in Zoho Analytics is an option that converges business data collected from different sources. CRM, purchases from advertising, marketing ROI, and many more while simplifying its visualization and allowing the generation of reports based on these. Likewise, it integrates with other third-party solutions to increase its efficiency.

On the one hand, the platform develops sales trend reports according to the filters you determine. Also, it allows its integration with code or without code to adapt to your company’s technological system. It offers its service in the cloud so that you can work from anywhere.


Sisense’s business intelligence reports can help you make solid business decisions and develop strategic plans. These plans are based on the data collected from your company’s different sources of information. It can be from the sales analytics of your products to the interactions that your potential customers have out with your products in your virtual store. One of its main advantages is its ease of use: you have to drag and drop the data to obtain a functional information dashboard.

This simplicity makes it a good option for beginners since it is not only managed in a few clicks. It does not need excellent technological knowledge. It also does not require large IT investments to be installed. Likewise, the platform generates multiple graphs with information from various sources to have all the data centralized in one place. Be it sales reports or ROI reports for marketing or advertising.


Like the business intelligence software mentioned above, Dundas features a drag-and-drop browser that is intuitive and easy to use. Likewise, the platform can process a large amount of company data obtained through different means in real-time.

Also, it is worth noting that this Business Intelligence tool allows the customization of reports and their subsequent viewing. In this way, you will not only receive analyzed information, but you will be able to organize it in the way that best meets the needs of your company. Dundas has an open API that integrates with almost any data source.

SAP Analytics Cloud

This tool generates business intelligence reports that can be applied to decision making ranging from marketing and sales to finance. Track the KPIs determined for each department in real-time and get automatic data analysis thanks to artificial intelligence.

SAP Analytics Cloud is presented as flexible software that you can easily integrate with any SAP business system (System Applications and Products). Likewise, the app can be combined with other kinds of techniques and also has an on-premises version.


Tableau is also established among the best Business Intelligence tools. It can analyze data collected in the CRM and conversions without professional help. And, subsequently, present a clear visualization of them. This platform supports data from various sources, such as Google Analytics, Oracle, MS SQL, Excel, etc.

Perhaps its main benefit for your company is its ease of use. This intuitive architecture software is straightforward to use. Therefore, you will not need long training for your employees to benefit from their Business Intelligence reports.

Oracle BI

Oracle BI is a tool designed to extract data with Oracle Endeca Discovery, store it, and analyze it. It then sends alerts that simplify the decision-making you must carry out to protect your company from risks and take advantage of opportunities.

Its main functionalities include a collaborative workspace that facilitates teamwork between marketing and sales departments. And easy access to business and financial data analytics to determine economic and sales trends, opportunities, and threats. The platform is available upon request.


SeekTable is one of the most widely used business intelligence tools for small businesses. It provides ad-hoc analysis of business data collected from multiple sources for a relatively low monthly cost.

Furthermore, it generates live reports and interactive reports with the possibility of running different filters and classifications to visualize the data and make the best decisions. Likewise, its reports have live graphs and tables that improve information visualization.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft has also taken steps in the world of Business Intelligence tools with Microsoft Power BI. Its software allows you to obtain interest data from your sales and marketing team from any device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) and analyze it. You can then share it with colleagues from the same subscription.

The platform is available for installation on the enterprise system or the cloud. It allows you to export reports and view the information in real-time. You then get to collaborate with other users. Microsoft Power BI can connect with your data sources.