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Top 5 Reasons Why You Choose the Stock Market App

There is a direct stock market investment option in India. To achieve this opportunity, you need to register with Depository Participants (DPs). The  DPs has a stock market app to help you perform any online trading activity. For choosing a DPs, you need to research the brokerage firm and their service charges.

There are two DPs where you can open a Demat account: CDSL and NSDL. Two common and popular stock markets in India are NSE and BSE. Without worrying about anything, you can trade in both markets with a stock trading app.

All the trading activity in India is done and overviewed by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). The SEBI ensures that protocols are followed, and there is no wrongdoing in the Stock trading of India.

With a Stock market app, you can invest in mutual funds, SIP, Currencies, Commodities and equities. You can also invest in government bonds and debt securities which are less riskier than other financial instruments. A stock trading app directly links your Demat account, your trading account, and your Bank account.

A stock market app should have these facilities that make it the best and stand out from another trading app. You should consider different factors before opting for any stock trading app. These features are as follows:

User Friendly

The stock market app should be easy to use. It should have an easy user interface, and the functions are known to the majority of the people. It should be so simple that anyone can learn the app in just one day.


It is very crucial for every trading app. Trading is a matter of time process if your app is slow, you can lose money. A fast trading app can help you achieve better returns.

Customer Support

The app should have robust customer support, working 24 hours a day. Customer service should be quick and professional and able to handle all the customer queries in a short time.

Graphs and Charts

The stock trading app should have a different view of stock price. It also has a beautiful chart and graph and an alert feature for trading purposes.

Cross-Platform Support

The broker firm should have a web-based app. And different OS apps to help its customers connect to their trading tasks.


Stock market apps should also have transparency on their charges and service. The charges should not get hidden, and the taxes should get added transparently without any misguide.

Minimum Amount

The app can trade in a minimum amount, and the user doesn’t have to add a higher price to perform online trading.

Easy Onboard

Stock market apps are fast, and if you want to invest in shares and another financial asset. You just need to do online KYC and wait for the registration of your ID. After that, you can trade online without any problem.

IIFL Securities is India’s leading full-service stock brokerage firm that allows trading and investing in various securities such as Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, Derivatives And Futures & Options Trading, IPOs, Mutual Funds, etc. They provide the facility of a 2 in 1 account to open a Demat account and a Trading account for free. 

Some of the features provided on by IIFL Markets  App by IIFL Securities:

  • As a 20+ years old brand IIFL Securities, it has one of the best customer services to assist with trade delays.
  • You can experience a smooth and quick Demat account opening along with the trust of IIFL Securities.
  • Suppose you believe in trading as a profitable income. You can easily do trading without worrying about transactions and any other charges or Stockbroker.
  • This app provides complete information regarding your Demat account’s history, account balance, and securities.
  • The IIFL Market app by IIFL Securities has the feature of price alert. In this app, you can set an alert to indicate any low or high of your choice of a financial asset price.
  • You can also get instant access over the web portal of IIFL Securities, which is life for end-users.

The IIFL Market app also provides Trading tips for  Equity, F&O,  Currency, and  Commodities to do better trading. Stock tips offered by them are backed by research and complete stock analysis. This stock market app makes you confident and helps you arrive at the right decision. Get a free Demat account and trading account with zero AMC charges for one year on your Demat account.

Sanket Goyal
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