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Top 5 Pinterest Topics That Will Be Popular in 2023

Perhaps you’ve noticed, but Pinterest has become the go-to place for anything and everything related to style and fashion. The social network has even become so popular that industry insiders have declared it the new Instagram or “Instagram for women.”

Pinterest is so popular among designers, bloggers, consumers, and brands that it’s easy to see when you look at the top pins of any given day. In almost every category—from DIY hairstyles to home decorating—the same themes repeatedly pop up. 

If you want to stay ahead of the curve as a content creator or simply as a user of this platform, there are some trends you should know before 2023 knocks on the door!

Travel and Food Will Remain Huge

Travel and food have long been the top categories on Pinterest, and there’s no indication that that will change in the next five years. This is especially true as more people around the globe discover the platform and begin to curate their own boards based on their specific interests. 

These two categories are so dominant that they actually take up an impressive 30% of all pins on Pinterest! This isn’t surprising when you consider the versatility these topics offer. You can travel anywhere and eat just about anything—there are no limits to the types of boards you can create. 

Lifestyle boards related to travel and food are especially popular among users who want to share their adventures with like-minded people.

Numerology Will Be Hot in 2023

You might think numerology is a passing fad, but you’d be wrong. Pinterest users who are interested in this topic have been posting non-stop since 2013, and there’s no indication that they’ll stop any time soon. This is a fascinating trend that many people don’t even realize is happening, but it makes total sense as soon as you think about it. 

If you research the topic of numerology on Pinterest, you will find the keywords like “911 angel number meaning,” “1111 spiritual sign,” or “666 angel number devil” on the rise!

People are always looking for new ways to express themselves, whether through how they dress or the numbers they keep seeing in their daily lives. 

Numerology is a great way to do this, and Pinterest users have been creating boards that explore each of the numbers and how they can be applied to everyday life.

DIY, Crafts, and Sewing Will Grow

Crafts, sewing, or DIY used to be much more niche, but they have grown and evolved to include everything from gardening to sewing. Pinterest has become an excellent resource for people looking to get creative with their lifestyle but need help figuring out where to start. 

This is excellent news if you’re a beginner at any of these hobbies. With so many people posting their work and asking for feedback, it’s easy to get inspired and try your hand at something new.

Color Will Remain Critical in Fashion

Color has been a top Pinterest trend for years, and there’s no indication that this will change in 2023. On the contrary, this trend has only grown stronger as more people discover how to create their own boards and tailor them to their tastes and preferences. 

There are boards dedicated to specific colors, palettes, seasons, symbols, and even moods. They are used to inspire everything from home decor to wardrobe ideas. While some fashion influencers may eventually shift their focus to other topics, color is a big part of fashion and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Animal Pins Will Be On The Rise

If you look at the most popular boards on Pinterest right now, you’ll see a ton of pins that feature adorable animals. In fact, cute animals have been a top trend since Pinterest first launched. And no, we’re not only talking about cute kittens or puppies. People also love insects, snakes, butterflies, and other beautiful creatures. 

Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, you can easily find a board on Pinterest that caters to your specific tastes and interests. Animal pins are a great way to do this, and there are endless options to choose from.

My Take 

Pinterest is a social network that, like Google, has its own algorithm. In years to come, Pinterest aims to showcase the best and most visual Pins. If you put in a bit of work and create an interesting or good-looking pin and one of these topics, trust me, you will become a Pinterest star in 2023!

Muhammad Asad Raza