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Thursday, September 21, 2023
Top 5 Netflix series

Top 5 Netflix Series Of 2021 Which Can Keep You Hooked For A Long Time!

Netflix is like an ocean of drama series, reality shows, movies, documentaries, etc. It contains an uncountable number of videos irrespective of their categories from all the different parts of the world like USA, INDIA, KOREA, CHINA, TURKEY, UK, AFRICA, KENYA, ETC. Well, today we are gonna tell you about the top 5 series which will glue you to your screens. 



According to The Next Hint,  yummy mummy season 3 is gonna air very soon. Well, good news for the fans from our side.  The first 2 seasons premiered and got a very good response from viewers. This Australian series showcased a series of hardships of 4 rich, pregnant ladies who want to give the newborn the same lavish style in which they live. The first season showcased the pre-birth life of the ladies and the hardship of the pregnancy, lavish baby showers, and nursery setup. Season 2 was all about women living life with their babies and dealing with their desires and needs. Well, that was an interesting twist that was not expected by us at all. It was all raw emotions that were winning hearts all around. Now we are coming with the good news that season 3 is gonna air pretty soon. So fans keep waiting and binge-watch Netflix. 


Each episode of an anthology series is a self-supporting tale that explores a different type of technology and how this could result in the death of mankind. Mostly the dystopian science fiction show in Charles Brookes will be held in only a few years’ time, a location for which all our technologies are going forward. It is one of the most talked-about shows in the years due to the decision to put it so close to our own era. Although it is often referred to as Sci-fi, Black Mirror combines elements of every kind. One certain episode could be romantic, action-packed, or creepy according to the storyline. But all of them have one thing in common: they’re all absolutely terrifying.



Loosely inspired by Piper Kerman’s real-life experiences, this Weeds creator Jennie Cohan comedic drama is nothing more on the streaming platform. This is probably because it’s an original Netflix – and by ‘Eck, it’s surely unique. The first season closely follows the memoirs of Kermans when Piper Chapman of Taylor Schillings enters the prison system after being convicted of assisting the drug dealer – her former, played by Laura Prepon of the 1970s exhibition – who has been jailed in the same prison. Once the show turns away from the real storyline, it turns into a mush of intriguing plots. Piper is still in the mix, but there are a vast collection of completely fleshed individuals, whom we learn many private flashbacks about.



Everyone has had the trouble of discussing the birds and the bees with their family at one point in their lives, please, swallow-me-up-Earth. It’s a pilgrimage tradition. Now take that emotion and maple it by a thousand, and in the core of sex education, you are a little bit close to the embarrassment. The series revolves around their kid, Otis played by Asa Butterfield, with Gillian Anderson and Jean Milburn, a sex-therapeutic. Unlike Otis’ open and chatty mother, he and his buddies are backwards until he and his peers create their own sex therapy hospital. You may expect fresh and easy to binge because of its joyful, young cast, vulgar mood – and you will gain some of the heartfelt life lessons that its fundamental children’s cultures have learnt. Less concerned with teaching, the series intends to broaden your perspective and embrace our differences that may sound romantic, but they are nothing else.



From the beginning of her reign till today the Crown documents the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Now, it’s gonna to really be. This Netflix original starts soon prior to the coronation and until the end of its latest season, which it finds in its position as queen, wife and mother a fascinating dilemma. The series is performed by Claire Foy – and later Olivia Colman – as the young monarch. The series has the highest standard. It highlights unrevealed portions of the Queen’s obligations and the troublesome balance of combining public and private life, beginning with Philip’s marriage to her father and her father George. The early years of the present monarch of England? It sounds amazing, but it doesn’t, right? Too much Bit Preston? Seriously, this wonderful series should not be missed: this is a magnificent character drama, full with historical facts and figures and a rolling good tale.. One of Netflix’s top series without a doubt. In addition, in our lives we can all do more for Olivia Colman.

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