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Top 3 whatsapp features you don’t know

WHATSAPP, One of the most popular chat app has various of cool features . Top 3 of them we are going share with you !

whatsapp messenger top 3 features

1#  Read messages without being given away by Blue Ticks

If you want to see or check a whatsapp message without the sender knowing, that you have seen the message then here is a tip you can follow. 
  •  You can easy disable the blue ticks by simply going : Settings then  Account then Privacy and unchecked the Read Receipts”
    But, by doing this you will also not be able to see if a person has seen your message or no
  • If you don’t want to follow this step then you can simply read the message from notification panel , and then, swipe that message and sender will not be able to see the you have read the message.

2# Hide specific persons from viewing your story

This is also and interesting feature by whatsapp. If you don’t want to to share your story with some persons in you contact then follow this trick !

  • Simply go to your whatsapp setting then Account and then privacy, here you will see STATUS option click it and then My contacts excepts.
  • Now, you can select the specific contacts that you don’t want to share with your story.

3# Instant response for your Whats App messages

This is one of the great features of whatsapp for professionals. If you own a business and you want to provide quality to your buyers you should use this instant Whats App message. You can set a Instant response ( message )  whenever a person will message you he/she will automatically receive a message. So, to do this you will need to install a app for instant message. There are various of apps you can search on google for it. Here i am sharing 1 app you can  try this. AutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot  . You can install this app by clicking on it!

Top 5 whatsapp Features You Don’t Know

Thanks for reading this article. We hope you will get benefits from these Top whatsapp features. Keep following us for more interesting features like this.
Muhammad Asad Raza

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