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Tips to calm your baby

Nothing is as frustratingly heart breaking as a crying baby. The inability to soothe a distressed baby can make the parents feel helpless, and at the same time, they might be in pain due to the distressed cries of the child. 

It can be especially daunting for the first-time parents, as they try to console their baby, not knowing exactly what’s wrong. 

Therefore, having the knowledge of the tips to calming the baby is very important. Some of these tips start even before birth, so when your Best Child Specialist in Lahore informs you that you have crossed the second trimester, you can then start to implement the baby soothing tricks, which are as follows:

Rubbing your stomach 

The baby can feel the mother’s touch when in the womb, so after the second trimester, it is suggested that mothers start soothing circular motions on their belly, so that the baby can feel your touch. This then helps in fostering the connection with the baby, and thus easing their distress. 

Bright colors 

At the beginning, babies can only see bright colors. Therefore, try to make their nursery brighter, so they can see the reassuring colors. The stimulation the color offers helps in distracting the baby, and thus aids in soothing them as well. 

You can also try toys and baby mobiles in bright colors so that they catch the attention of the baby. 


Skin-to-skin is an important ritual. Right after birth, the baby is given to the mother to hold for the skin-to-skin connection. Moreover, breastfeeding also offers the same feeling to the baby, that then helps them become less stressed. 

So, an excellent way to console your baby is by holding them against your bare chest. The warmth and the heartbeat that they feel then mimics the sensation that they experienced in the womb, which thus relaxes them. 

The skin-to-skin contact is also just as effective when done by the father as well. 


Massage works great for soothing adults and babies alike. So, when your baby is acting fussy, you can try to placate them by giving them a massage. It can be something as basic as a rub, or you can gently stroke their limbs for a few. However, be sure to be careful about not being too hard as to cause discomfort to them. 

Eye contact 

Another trick to get your child to stop crying is by eye contact. Your baby gazes at you during the feeding, so they have established a connection with you. Moreover, babies already are inclined to look at their mother. 

Thus, during the bouts of crying, try to make eye contact with your baby to soothe them. 


Your baby knows your scent and finds it soothing. So, after they are born, try not to change your perfume or deodorant, so they find your reassuring scent. 

White noise or singing

Your baby can also be calmed by the soothing noise with a certain rhythm to it. So, if your baby is having a hard time staying asleep or is fussy as a result, you can try to put them at ease by using white noise. 

Similarly, you can also soothe their crying with a lullaby or a song that calms your baby down. You might need to work out which lullaby resonates best with your baby.

Also, loud noises can scare and perturb the baby. Therefore, alongside introducing the soothing sounds, also diminish the impact of the noises that cause distress to your child. Whereas you cannot control the ones in the environment, you can certainly turn down the volume on the TV or your phone. 

Asking the doctor

When all else fails, you can also ask your pediatrician in Karachi about guidance with regards to soothing the baby. Sometimes, problems like gas, colic etc. can lead to distress in the baby, thereby causing them to become fussy.