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Thursday, September 21, 2023
How to fix telegram this message cannot be displayed

Fix your “This channel can’t be displayed” on Telegram issue

How to fix telegram this message cannot be displayed

If you are a telegram user then you must have come across the error of Telegram this message cannot be displayed. This is a error which many of the telegram users often face.

 Before we move ahead to tell you how you can avoid this error you must understand what this error is and why it occurs. 

Why does this channel cannot be displayed error occurs?

You will see that this error often occurs when you are trying to join a channel which contains adult content. Telegram prevents its users from seeing images and videos included in this channel which are not safe to work. 

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of this error on a mobile device instead of this you can use the web version of this app. 

Fix this channel can’t be displayed 

Now, you know why this error occurs and you also know that you cannot fix it on a mobile device. So, let us begin to know about the steps which you can follow for how to fix telegram this message cannot be displayed. 

First of all you have to open telegram on your desktop and from where you have to scan the code from your mobile device to activate your account on the web version. 

Tap on menu option and then click on settings option, under the settings section you have to look for privacy and security option and press on it. 

Now, from here you are required to turn on the option of Disable filtering so that you can view any message you want and join any channel you want. 

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